Ken Levine: We Cut "Two Games Worth" of Material for BioShock Infinite (Video Interview) - AusGamers

In a video interview AusGamers conducted with Irrational Games' Ken Levine, the revered designer spoke about the team's lengthy development process, not only revealing that "the script of BioShock One could easily fit into one of our levels in Infinite", but that in the editing process they stripped back so much stuff, it was essentially two games worth.

"I can’t tell you how much of this game... we probably cut two games worth of stuff out of the game, and I say that just in terms of content," Levine told AG.

"Finishing and polishing is a whole other matter, but this is just the raw amount of content, we cut tonnes and tonnes of stuff."

He also talked candidly about his relationship with the Elizabeth character saying that he's "probably a little bit in love with her" but that he "has to be" adding that "she's the heart of the game". He also openly talks about going into a depression after shipping the first BioShock, being finished in his capacity now on Infinite, his thoughts on DLC, multiplayer, voicing and fleshing out the player-character, Booker, and much, much more.

This is a meaty interview, but one well worth a read or watch for fans of the series, Irrational, or game development in general.

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Godchild10201808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

It's not always a good thing to talk about cut content prior to the release of a game. It will leave consumers with a bad impression. If it was after the release of the game and people had enough time with it, then it wouldn't come off as bad.

I'm not worried, I know Ken Levine will not let Bioshock Infinite disappoint us.

Jinkies1808d ago

I'm only going to be mad if theres DLC coming out for this...if there is and they are pretty big THEN I will be ticked off because then I would know it was cut for it to be turned into DLC.

adorie1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

If this game is big and the DLC is big, I will not feel cheated. I want a 9-12 hour experience on the hardest difficulty, for my first play through. This will be trying to obtain everything in the game, which could bump my time up to 15 hours or more.

Hopefully they add supplementary DLC, that adds or sheds light to more of the story, without feeling as if it takes away or should have been left in. An extra ability or two wouldn't hurt, either. Something fun that could be OP'ed and accessible after being the game once and buying said-theoretical DLC.

I think Irrational will deliver enough to make UPS jealous, tbqh

ForgottenProphecy1807d ago

@adorie Only 9-12 hours? In my opinion, you have low standards. I feel like 14-20 hours is good, 20-25 hours is great, and 25+ is too much for a main story.

RuperttheBear1808d ago

The only people who will be left with a bad impression are people who don't read full interviews and only concentrate on a small aspect of the interviews.

Look -

'Any of the content that I talked about, there’s nothing that we could pack together and ship. A, it’s cut for a reason: we didn’t think it fit, and B, it’s left in a state that is completely... there’s a term that we have called “rot”, in the games industry.'

CalvinKlein1807d ago

well the way I see it it took them years to get the content we will get so if they wanted to include the rest of the "cut content" we would be waiting till the end of ps4 and xbox3's life to play the game.

egidem1807d ago

Agreed, but be glad he's at least telling you some content was cut. What others do is, cut content, wait few weeks, no, few days when the game is released then proudly announce to everyone how they've been hard at work on the new upcoming DLC. :/

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CaptainYesterday1808d ago

I guess theres going to be a ton of DLC :P

LOGICWINS1808d ago

Or ideas that will be saved for the next Bioshock title.

soundslike1808d ago

Or ones that simply did not fit the pacing and structure of the game they were building towards, or things that just weren't fun.

Cut content doesn't imply GOOD content. If anything it implies that it wasn't.

BanBrother1807d ago

Not necessarily. I know that is what first comes to mind, but every game 'cuts' content. Just that 'some' of them re-package it as DLC, EA being one of the worst offenders.

No-matter what game you have played, content is cut for quality purposes. This generation though, some developers/publishers think that selling it after the game has released is fair.

I trust Ken Levine won't let that happen, at least if it is within his powers.

sdozzo1808d ago

How's that vita version coming Ken...liar.

Kalowest1808d ago

He was never making the vita version.

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