Sony adds content to NA version of GT5 Prologue

A PR representative from SCEA confirmed to Siliconera that Sony has plans for something extra in the North American release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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TheHater3583d ago

Could it be a demo for 5?

Violater3583d ago

could it be DS3 in time for launch?

xplosneer3583d ago

It's not like they'll go 4 months doing nothing but TRANSLATING.

Bonsai12143583d ago

and its a car game. go figure.. lol

pharmd3583d ago

i've been wondering whats taking so long. i preordered this months ago and am stuck with the 4/25 date or whatever it is now. even if there is a little extra, I want the game now! im so stoked for this, cant come soon enough

Skerj3583d ago

Can you even win money in Prologue to transfer over to 5 or what? Because I think I might sleep on this one until 5 comes out for the full experience, I always like buying my RL car ingame and using that to win races.

rofldings3583d ago

Yeah, you can continue progress left off from prologue on 5.

lodossrage3583d ago

That would be the BOTTOMLINE if you could transfer progress to the full version of 5 (meaning money and earned cars of course.

Maddens Raiders3583d ago

it's going to be sensational.

xplosneer3583d ago

It already has that in the Japanese version.

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