Kitase Busy Working On Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII And Other Photos

Someone on the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII public relations team loves taking photos and they started tweeting pictures like this one of producer Yoshinori Kitase.

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majiebeast1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Title is wrong it should be Kitase already working on FF13-4:Its a Lightning within a Lightning within a Lightning.
Its Lightningception!

Kitase and Toriyama:More rightning!
Adam Jensen:Ï never asked for this.

Jinkies1861d ago

Lightning can't be in the same place as Lightning since it never strikes the same place twice

Heavenly King1861d ago

I also never asked for this Lighting Saga :(

I want Versus XIII

-Gespenst-1860d ago

If Majiebeast didn't know about memes would he / she be able to talk at all?

betan211861d ago

i hope SE doesnt make money with this lightning saga shit

Ranma11861d ago

SE doesnt now how to do business.

Probably 5 times more poeople want a Chrono Trigger, Xeno Gear, Kingdom Hearts console game than this.

Yet they make a game that will make them less sales than those games. i dont understand their business plan...i really dont.

Oh wait, Yoichi Wada runs this i udnerstand, everything makes sense now

adorie1861d ago

He's the same guy who moved SE location based on the words of a fortuneteller, no?

Rai1861d ago

no it was yoichi wada.

Trago13371861d ago

I don't understand, These guys are very talented developers, a lot of these guys worked on my favorite Final Fantasy, FF9, and they just go on making this.

I don't know, but Forcing a third game of an installment that a lot of people didn't like isn't good for the fans. I guess we gotta wait a while longer for Versus 13.

hot4play1860d ago

I feel the same way. The company has truly lost its way this gen. For every good (mostly handheld) game they make like Dissidia, they also make like 3x the bad business decisions. For example:

- not releasing FF 1 & 2 Anniversary, Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep on PSN
- making 2 sequels to the arguably most critically panned FF (13)
- not localizing the most well-received FF in recent years (Type 0)
- FF Versus 13

Its obvious from these business decisions and the departure of several key members of their creative team that there are management issues from within the company. I say they should fire Yoichi Wada. Square should return to their ROOTS by making memorable RPGs again; not the browser game/ios/lightning/multiplat strategy they're so into nowadays.

wishingW3L1861d ago

it already has one on the DS. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.