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Reviewer Leo Stevenson writes, "I’ve always been a Nintendo fan boy. In school yard arguments regarding whether a fat mustachioed plumber could beat a hyperactive blue hedgehog in a wide range of activities, I was always firmly part of “Team Mario”. For me, Sonic has always played second banana and his more recent adventures have solidified him – in my mind at least – as a pretender to the throne. With Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic may have, and for the first time, appeared in a game I actually prefer to the Mario version."

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jetpacksheep1958d ago

This game is getting solid reviews across the board, ive gotta try it out.

mcstorm1958d ago

I got this game for the WiiU and it is a very solid game. It is not as good as Mario Kart but I don't think it is trying to be. It reminds me a lot of DK Racing on the N64.

Psychonaughty1958d ago

It has alot in common with Sega's old arcade racing games, sega pretty much invented ott powersliding as we know it now, I know Sega only published this game and Sumo Digital made it but Sega gave them alot of tips in how to get the "Sega Racing" feel and Sumo had already made a few great ports of Outrun and Outrun 2.

So yeah it's also a little more than inspired by Mario Kart but the actual racing itself is Sega through and through.