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Hello Kitty, Goodbye World – PlayStation JapanStyle December 2012

Japan's PlayStation releases, game news bits, and more reporting from the other side of the ocean. If the world ends this month, at least people get to see some Hello Kitty Christmas lights. (Culture, Final Fantasy Type-0, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Yakuza 5)

ftwrthtx  +   857d ago
I really want to visit Japan one day.
KangarooSam  +   857d ago
All of the women look like twins/triplets/etc.
It truly is a land of fantasies ;P

Swear I'm usually not this insensitive...

I really do agree though. Sushi, cool people, everything's Japanese; it's gotta be awesome!
ftwrthtx  +   856d ago
My wife is Japanese and still has family there. The culture is unique and interesting.
Thirty3Three  +   857d ago
Am I the only person on any sort of online gaming site who is NOT a nerd? (Which I mean nothing offensive by...)

Anime, Americans obsessed with Japan, this sorta stuff... ew.

I play football, play guitar all the time, get a lotta girls.... Internet's rough.
KangarooSam  +   856d ago
Your girlfriend called, she wants her dildo back.
You're right. I've never seen ANYONE who likes anime get a girl.

Nowhere in the world does guitar = girl, jerk off.

And no one said anything about anime or even remotely sounded obsessed?

1. The food is god damn delicious.
2. The scenic trees, mountains, etc. would be incredible to see in person; I think most people would agree.
3. Their ENTIRE CULTURE is based off of being polite and not being stuck up, rude, selfish, egotistical people like you! People like YOU are the reason a huge percentage of the world absolutely hates Americans. Not saying bad stuff about America, but leave the country and you'll see what I'm talking about.

And yes, this is a somewhat "personal attack" so suck it up b*tch tits, and I hope someone shoves that football up your @$$ you ignorant son of a b*tch.
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knifefight  +   856d ago
Thirty3Three, I think you owe me some lunch money
I have bad news for you:
You participate in a hobby that attracts *all* kind of people, not just football-loving guitar heroes like yourself.

I have bad news for you:
A lot of people like anime AND football AND Japan AND have spouses. Probably not you and your friends, but research indicates that the world has more people in it that you and your friends.

I have bad news for you:
The guitar is not exclusive to your demographic. Nor is it inherently a symbol of epic manhood.

I have bad news for you:
You are on a website called "News for Gamers," and you are posting comments with a polar bear icon. You are as much of a "nerd" as anyone else, whether you like it or not.
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KangarooSam  +   856d ago
^^^ You can handle yourself better than I :P
dbjj12088  +   856d ago
MikeMyers  +   854d ago
Funny how this user has blocked me for no apparent reason when he (if you are a female I apologize)responded to an earlier comment of mine. I sent him a PM since I could no longer further discuss the topic. Instead of being civil he quickly responded and then blocked me. Reminds me of some religious fanatic who cannot stand any other persons opinions so they stick their fingers in their ears and do whatever it takes to not listen to any other point of view.

Why come to a public forum if you cannot handles different views? I neither attacked nor slandered your opinion. Very mature of you to simply block me. All you had to do was say is I agree to disagree and that's it. I can handle your perspective but for some reason you can't handle mine? Wow.

To add to the discussion you seem to be uncomfortable to keep participating I will anyways.

My stance when it comes to gaming culture within Japan still stands. They are unique compared to any other region out there. How well did the Morrowind series sell in Japan? How about Mass Effect? Now tell me how well Final Fantasy sold outside of Japan. Do you think westerners are more accepting of Japans games than Japan is of Western developed games?

How well does FIFA do around the globe compared to Japan? How well does PES do around the globe compared to Japan? How about Forza compared to Gran Tursimo? We can give examples all day long but the fact remains, the hardware ratio of the Xbox brand has done pathetically in Japan compared to any other region. Japanese game platforms on the other hand have done very well outside of Japan. So tell me again why Japan is so unique when it comes to the gaming?

This isn't racial or any other motivation. If you think the Japanese culture is as open to western gaming as westerners that's fine. You have that right to have your own opinion. But don't try and act offended by the very idea of it.

What people tend to forget is gaming should be universal much like music. It's all a form of entertainment.
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knifefight  +   854d ago
MikeMyers, please stop pursuing me.
Re: "Instead of being civil he quickly responded and then blocked me. "

My reply was completely civil. What are you talking about?

But I'm also honest. I said what I need to say and you said what you need to say, and the conversation is done. You've got no facts, you don't live here, you aren't Japanese, and you see what you want to see. You're also saying the same tired stuff that that same non-Japanese people say all the time. It's not worth it, not when we've all had this conversation before.

This is not about a lack of free exchange of thoughts, so don't act like some kind of victim and don't make things up. THAT kind of thing is why I blocked you from PMing me, because I don't feel like having conversations with you. I politely but firmly believe that you are an idiot and conversing with you is a waste of time. I am henceforth ceasing to do so, as I had planned to do once previously.

Please stop pursuing me.

Your pursuit of me reminds me of some religious fanatic who cannot stand any other persons opinions so they stick their fingers in their ears and do whatever it takes to not listen to any other point of view. And then if anyone disagree -- no matter how kindly -- that person will be pursued to no end, chased to the ends of earth and internet.

Please get help. And please stop chasing me around. We had a conversation and we both said our bit.

Please stop pursuing me.

Thank you.
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MikeMyers  +   853d ago
"I politely but firmly believe that you are an idiot and conversing with you is a waste of time."

Thanks, so much for being civil.

You didn't need to reply to my original comment in the first place but decided to do so with a pound of sarcasm. Have fun playing with your lump of coal this Christmas.
dbjj12088  +   856d ago
I gotta get an import 3DS.

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