Echochrome to be released this summer

While continuing to dig around for a solid answer on the PSP version of Echochrome I spoke to Scott Goryl, a Public Relations Specialist from SCEA, who told me Echochrome is actually on target for a Spring release in North America. However, this date is currently only for the PlayStation 3 version. They are evaluating the PSP version and if they will bring it to North America or not. (This is consistent with the earlier report I wrote up.)

I followed up with questions about the extra levels, if they would come out as a download pack, and if the canvas mode will remain part of the PlayStation 3 package. In response he explained, the feature list for the PlayStation 3 version has not been announced yet.

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Daver3802d ago

Why is the title called "Echochrome to be released this summer" when it says that it will be release in spring???
It should be Echochrome for PSP for summer