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IGN: "The Walking Dead: The Game demands to be experienced."

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-GametimeUK-1991d ago

Really? I fail to see what is so interesting about this game. I need to give it a shot. Its a tough one for me to spend money on. The reviews are very favourable indeed. I can't believe it got GOTY over Journey.

goldwyncq1991d ago

It's one of those games that actually makes you care about the characters. Each decision matters and can affect your relationship with your fellow survivors. And it has one of the most heartbreaking ending in gaming history.

-GametimeUK-1991d ago

Cool stuff. I was unaware there was a Demo on the EU store. I'm checking it out now :-)

WildArmed1991d ago

I really am looking forward to the sequel. I hope the retail release gets this game more exposure.

Bradicas1991d ago

I played the first episode on my 4s I loved it. Question does the other episodes play different depending on how I played the previous one?

WildArmed1990d ago

Interaction is really different, but you'll still end up at point B. just how you got there will be different.

The game is linear in the sense you are going to go to point X from Y no matter what you do, but how you get there isn't?

instantstupor1991d ago

I find it OK. It's got a good story, but I find it isn't really a game in the truest sense of the word. It's really more like a choose your own adventure novel than anything. I'm enjoying my time with it, but if you are looking for gameplay you'll be sorely disappointed. It's about listening and following along, character interactions and personal choice. I got it for 9.99 through gamefly, and at that price I'm happy with it. 24.99 for digital and 29.99 for physical seems too much for a game like this in my eyes, but it is definitely a change of pace so if fatigue from mainstream gaming is getting to you, or you want to relax with something at the end of the day, this will fit the bill.

Walker1991d ago

IGN`s Game of the Year, Confirmed !