Intel Acquires Offset Software

Today we have some major news to announce.

Intel has acquired Offset Software. Yes, you read it correctly!

Project Offset is going strong and we are excited about things to come.

Stay tuned.

- Sam McGrath

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BlackIceJoe3770d ago

Wow big news I guess this must mean the Offset Engine really is what every one is wishing it will be.

I also wonder how this will effect the game Project Offset. My guess it will help but it may not too.

rCrysis3770d ago

I was expecting Project Offset to be a sleeper hit but now since Intel came in it might become a huge game. Not huge in terms of Halo or MGS but big among those who love these kind of games


gambare3770d ago

I had totally forgot about OP, it's an interesting FPS project.

psiom3770d ago

Is Offset Software a game dev or more a general software developer?

I know Intel has been involved in 3D engines and other software ventures but I have no idea what this news means to gaming, or even to the Project Offset game specifically.

Any ideas why this news would actually be interesting? (don't mean that facetiously)

Mr Marbles3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I know project offset is what they are calling a game that uses the offset engine, the game will be exclusive to the 360 and PC and has been in development for some time, they plan to give the game an actual name later on and for now they are just calling it this because it uses the offset engine. It is supposed to be a pretty advaned engine and game.

Edit: this is another one of those 360 exclusives the media is ignoring for whatever reason.

psiom3770d ago Intel buying the company puts extra funding and resources into Project Offset I guess?

Or are there maybe other agendas?

That's all I'm trying to find out. There's no information anywhere about why Intel bought them, what their plans are, etc. Usually the intention of a buyout is obvious but this I have no idea.

i Shank u3770d ago

as far as games go, i think this is the first from this studio. and they are making the offset engine as well, which has damn impressive tech demos. i think you hit the nail on the head, intel probably sees potential in the engine and licensing it out

TheIneffableBob3770d ago

Perhaps Intel will be using Project Offset to tout Larabee.

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InYourMom3770d ago

I'm sorry but I'm glad Sam is happy but all I see now is a game that will take even longer to release, probably PC exclusive to tie into one of Intel's horrible processor campaigns and how it will require a 50 core 9.9gigamegahertz processor(only from Intel) to play it.

Damn, this is some bad news taken at face value. Intel is not a freakin publisher and they have no experience running a game house. I'm still hopeful but I'm starting to feel like the last years of watching and waiting for this game to hit the 360 where nothing but a waste of time.

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