FuturLab Talks Vita, PS Mobile and Signing a Deal With Sony

Yesterday, Velocity and Surge developer FuturLab signed an exclusive deal with Sony to produce exclusive content for the PS Vita in 2013, while still keeping the IP rights. We caught up with Managing Director James Marsden to discuss the deal, PS minis, PS Mobile, the Vita and more.

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dbjj120881961d ago

Coooool. Any new software Vita will be welcomed with open wallets.

showtimefolks1961d ago

for all the hate EA gets they do have a cool program called EA partner where the develop gets to keep their IP, Bungie signed the same kind of deal with Activision. i wouldn't be surprised if going forward a lot of independent developers look to keep the IP if possible.

but Vita will be a very good machine with a lot of support in 2013, but IMO 2012 wasn't as bad as people made it out to be for a system that's less than a year old

LostTokens1961d ago

Exactly my thought. The more games available, the better we all have it, and the better the games can get in the long run.

ftwrthtx1961d ago

The Vita definitely could use the support.

porkChop1961d ago

So they're going to be making full-on Vita games for PSN, not PS Mobile or PS Minis games. More good games for me to play, sounds good.

Baylex1961d ago

Uohooooh!! Nice one! More support for our console! I'm betting that 2013 will be a better year then 2012 ;)

Obnoxious_Informer1961d ago

Great to hear. More games the better.

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