Square Enix Announces e-Store Holiday Sale

Square Enix online sale brings HUGE discounts!

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ftwrthtx1921d ago

Hello Hitman. Glad I waited.

dbjj120881921d ago

Yeah that game is a steal at that price.

guitarded771921d ago

Amazon has it for $40 too, and the Professional Edition for $60.

knifefight1921d ago

This deal is a hit, man.

stragomccloud1921d ago

I see what'cha did there. :P

cero551921d ago

WAY to to late everything is out of stock. luckily i was one of the first to report this.of course after i bought my stuff.

DomceM1921d ago

how much did you pay?

cero551921d ago

bought tomb raider trilogy for $7.50 and ff tactics for $5.00

Heavenly King1921d ago

I did not read the complete title before clicking. I though the complete title would be SE announced browser game powered by Yahoo ¬_¬