What I Want to See in PlayStation All-Stars 2

iGG: Coming right off the heels of Jalen’s WWE ’14 article, Damien presents to you – "What I Want to See in PlayStation All-Stars 2." Rumors have already been circulating that a sequel is in pre-production thanks to job ads at SuperBot pointing at some inside work being done. That being said, the original left a lot of room open for a sequel, not because of its “story,” but its overall quality. What does he want to see in the sequel? Quite a few things, actually.

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Abash1773d ago

I want to see characters teaming up as well as new rivalries, villain characters working under Polygon Man, cross-over alternate costumes like Cole dressed as Sly and Drake dressed as Jak.

PlayStation All-Stars was clearly all about cementing the gameplay and I have no doubt they'll go all out with the sequel

guitarded771773d ago

I want more game modes!!!

Jinkies1773d ago

I want to see

Better third party characters - Not ones which have been selected because of THEIR upcoming games, I mean no Old Snake...really, picking Raiden over him was a slap to the face I understand not getting Crash because of Activision but Kojima/Konami have a fantastic relationship with Sony.

More first party characters - Don't see why Gabe Logan for example wasn't included.

Please DON'T get rid of first party characters, add onto first party characters in the game. It means their not wasting time doing characters already in the game from scratch but instead spending their time on new characters. Expanding the roaster is always a good move.

I don't care what they do though, sell some chinese orphans, sell organs on the black market, suck their you know what, THEY NEED to get Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Lara etc and their villain counterparts, the playstation all stars that matter.

Villains, Heros or Friends - Maybe the new characters could be the villains, heros or friends of the already established characters. For example

Nathan Drake - Eddie Raja or Elena Fisher

Radac - Sev or Jorhan Stahl

Jak - Gol/Maia Acheron or Keira

Cole - The Beast - Zeke (Get rid of Evil Cole and make him able to switch forms)

You get the idea

Better look to the menu - Don't even need to explain why

Unlockables - More of them...oh and add some unlockable characters for single player mode.

Better Rivals - Sorry but if they, hopefully get rid of New Dante then I don't see why Nariko wasn't paired up with Kratos we've all wanted to see those be rivals for ages since they are so similar.

More Modes - Come on where is the OPTIONAL health mode like The Outfoxies or Super Smash Bros with Supers being a rare find...a lot of people would love for this to be in the game it would keep it interesting, it gets a bit boring after a while relying on Supers. If I have to see Nathan Drakes Level 3 super one more time I'll scream, if you switch between characters a lot this isn't a problem but I like focusing on one character.

Theres a lot Superbot can do here and I hope to god they will go all out with it because if they don't then it will be a wasted opportunity for them.

Ben_Grimm1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

You said Outfoxies!!! How dare you bring up that obscure game and make me feel not special!

Now there's a game that needs to come back HD, update style!

Tone down Kratos! I swear that spear/shield rush is pure BULLS***!

Jinkies1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The Outfoxies was pretty brillaint at the time, without that we wouldn't have Super Smash Bros since it apparently was the main inspiration for the game


Jeez if people are going to disagree, least say why. Hate when people disagree people for no reason, how immature

ABizzel11773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The Kratos shield rush is the most overpowered attack in the game. There's nothing you can do to stop it, if you aren't on the opposite side of him. In 1 v 1 it's jump, roll, or get charged. Jumping sucks cause a mis-predict and your going to get Chains of Chaos to the face, and rolling sets you up for his excellent mid distant game.

Kratos is overpowered.


There are 3 things I want to see changed as well.

1. The roster

Final Fantasy: As far as villains go, I said it from the get go. Final Fantasy Characters should have been in there, but I guess they need to save some big guns for the sequel. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, and Vicent could all be from FF7, but I think they'll spread the love a bit more over FF 7 - 10.

Metal Gear Solid: Old Snake or Solid Snake, Big Boss, or Psycho Mantis for MGS.

Activision: Crash & Spyro

Twisted Metal: Calypso (that was a great one from the article)

God of War: Zeus (another great one, since his fight against Kratos is like a 2D fighter at first in GOW3)

inFamous: Kessler (needs to replace Evil Cole, he can have similar powers, but his teleportation gives him a different play-style. Something like Virgil from Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

Devil May Cry: Speaking of Virgil, add him.

Legend of Dragoon characters, Persona Characters, Disgaeia characters, Dark Cloud, Resistance, Oddworld, Katamari, and more are missing from the game as shown in the picture in the article.

The cast needs a huge overhaul for the next game.

ABizzel11773d ago

2. The games identity.

Either be a party game like SSB, or be a real fighter. It tries to be both, and it's lacking as a party game, but succeeds as a fighter. I don't think SSB is the way to go, it would have made so much more sense to go with something like Power Stone (a 3D arena fighter) since 90% of these games are 3D games to begin with.

SSB makes since, because nintendo's history was 99% 2D side scrollers. PlayStation came up in the age of 3D, so take Power Stone as your go to game, not SSB. If you do choose 2D then it should be less panned out, and more along the lines of a traditional fighter like Marvel vs. Capcom, but more open stages for menuvering and item distribution (if you plan on keeping the SSB feel).

And while you're at it add modes for this game. It's so bare bones it's not even funny, and the game seems more like a great PSN release rather than a full $60 retail game (although Cross Buy helps). As the article said a lot of modes from the early beta are missing. Bring them back, and add other modes where the game can play like traditional fighters. A cool thing to do would be to add a tag mode.

3. Presentation

Last but not least this game needs to be decked out in fan service. Give us the match ups we want to see, and have it told through great cinematics and in-engine cutscenes. Kratos vs. Nariko. Tag mode should also lead up to some interesting and much anticipated fights like Dante and Virgil vs. Cloud and Sephiroth (or Dante and Cloud vs. Virgil and Sephiroth). Kartos & Nariko vs. Zeus and King Bohan. There's so much potential for this game, but it needs OVER THE TOP PRESENTATION.

Y_51501773d ago

Big Daddy was a good third party character I think. Also what's wrong with Nathan Drakes level 3 super? It's one of the coolest ones and I like how all the supers lets the fighters feel more unique to their respected titles. The possibilities are all out there if they make the sequel. I really more of a story with the rivalries next time around. More than just a cutscene of confrontion. I love All Stars! :)

Jinkies1773d ago

He was alright I suppose but nothing special...

Theres nothing wrong with it, as I said, if your playing the same character seeing the same level 3 cutscene over and over gets boring and annoying.

Y_51501773d ago

You must have been playing awhile with one character to be annoyed by them. If I like the character so much and I'm always playing as them, I will never get to a point to where I get annoyed of my favorite character. If you don't like Nathan Drake anymore, play with another character. At least you have the mindset on how to tackle a Drake when a time you'll face one with all the experience that you had with Drake. :)

Drainage1773d ago

they need to get rid of the blue

0pie1773d ago

does anyone care about this kind of article?

RiPPeR76661773d ago

wtf the 1st game just came out lets just ask for lots of dlc and updates for this one...

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