PSU: Full details on PS3's upcoming "Feature Patch" for Call of Duty 4

For all the PlayStation 3 Call of Duty 4 players out there, listen up. Today we spoke with Infinity Ward's Community Relations Manager Robert Bowling and acquired new information about the upcoming "Features Patch" soon to be released.

Here is a detailed list of some of the improvements Infinity Ward will be including in the new patch:

- Optimized servers
- New Kill cams (grenades, RPG's, airstrikes, claymores, and more)
- Quick Mute (allows user to mute annoying players by pressing X on their gamertag in the lobby)
- Addition of "Recently Met Players" for the PlayStation Network
- Improvements to the Sniper Rifles and Acog attachments (no more delayed shots)

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toughNAME3776d ago

...Why does that list look old?

Bnet3433776d ago

Xbox 360 version had these since launch.

rofldings3776d ago

Kigmal, both versions were identical at launch.

Here's the info for the 360 patch.

Lifendz3776d ago

It actually makes you a worse shot. I just opt for the default scope. It allows for more accuracy.

RecSpec3776d ago

Both versions were the same at launch BUT 360 got some of the fixes in December.

Nonetheless, I've been hearing about this mythical patch since November. So I won't believe it til I see it.

LastDance3776d ago

well what was the patch i downloaded on my ps3 a week ago then??

RecSpec3776d ago

It stopped the 5 minute wait to get into games.

LastDance3776d ago

haha. is that so? not for me. All it did was put me back into the same game after i continuously exited.


fallfast3776d ago

Microsoft probably paid the COD4 developers to hold back the patch! hahahh lol!

So, you've only had it since December. Sheesh, thats not that long.

toughNAME3776d ago

wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong,
Right (I didn't even know the 360 got the patch 2 months ago),
wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

My point was: most of the things on this list have been in Halo 3 since launch. It's nice to see COD4 is catching up.

MikeGdaGod3776d ago

they must know people are buying DS3s from Japan. i didn't realize how much i missed rumble until i got my DS3.

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Peekay3776d ago

I hope this means zero lag!
Amen for "Quick Mute" - no longer will i have to endure Solja Boy on someone's stereo!

TwissT3776d ago

I love rap, but Soulja Boys songs are garbage, Tupac and Biggie R.I.P.

wow143776d ago

You cant mute people in every game on the PSN?

Huh? You mean the muting is on a game-by-game basis?

Armyless3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Sony gives the Developers the freedom to pick and choose the PS3 features for each individual game. This approach is a console philosophy counter to Live, where Microsoft automatically back-ends the full feature list of the menu Sony decided to allow developers the choice to utilize XMB chipset resources for other things at the Developer's discretion.

This, it appears, is not what a vocal majority of the PS3 gaming community expects, and may change in 2008 with Developers granting more and more of the XMB features.

RJ20003775d ago

There is NO such thing as ZERO Lag. Either Your ISP or someone else's will suck causing some lag. The only thing they can do is minimize it.

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Bnet3433776d ago

Wait, so features that were on the 360 version from day 1 weren't on the ps3 version? epic lawlz

rofldings3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

No ... the 360 version got the update just a week ago.

nomad1173776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Wow are you smart. LOL
If you have the 360 version. You would know this was not available when cod4 was released.
Now back on topic. Watch out for me sniping you I'm always watching.

pharmd3776d ago

^^^ thats one of the best comments i've seen for sending em to the open zone....

ON TOPIC: I hope they include rumble!

Bnet3433776d ago

I'm not getting any mods for UT3? Really? I'm a PC gamer kid ..... and UT3 isn't that good. UT2k4 is better. good try though

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Rammstien_DuHast3776d ago

I Hope they fix the "Downloading Game Settings" thing that shows up cuz i have not been able to play for a while now b/c of it 2weeks or so anyone who gets that message know how i feel

PSN vj06

anyone add me

koston36473776d ago

wake up man is this what you do u TRY to find the shortcommings of others? come on man you're bigger than that. in fact if you fix your attitude you just might have purpose in life......or u could just stay the same your choice i hope i've enlightened you you're welcome

Bnet3433776d ago

I was talking about that mute and recent players they are adding, those were in 360 since launch.

RJ20003775d ago

O so 2 out of the 5 things becomes the majority now? Those are the 2 least important things anyway... well on XBox Live i guess you need the mute because of all the annoying kids.

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