Top 20 Worst Final Fantasy Characters

A list of the 20 worst characters in the Final Fantasy series, including some spinoffs.

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animegamingnerd1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

one does not simply make a list of the worst final fantasy characters and not include tidus but i am glad to see ff13 characters in the top

DragonKnight1897d ago

Lol. But Tidus is the kind of character that half of the fans hate, and the other half like. Personally speaking, any reason to hate Tidus is trumped by either the sheer uselessness of characters like Umaro, or the a$$tacular nature of all FF13's characters.

calis1896d ago

Jesus Christ, white on a grey backdrop is not good for text.

DragonKnight1896d ago

Better than white on a black background.

Omnislash1896d ago

Yeah you pretty much had all the useless, forgettable, overrated and just plain bad characters of all the series. Well Done.

I would have added Quina personally.

DragonKnight1896d ago

*facepalm* Quina! That was the one. *sigh*

JayBlue1895d ago

heh, most of them are right, I still would saved Cloud and Sephiroth (just nostalgia...), but I completely agree that Lightning is the worst character ever on this series.
3 games is completely absurd.