The Last of Us Extended UK Trailer Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have this evening revealed a brand new edition of the official trailer for the highly anticipated The Last of Us. Based on that which was originally revealed last week, this new The Last of Us trailer is extended by ten seconds, featuring a small amount of new zombie action.


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MariaHelFutura1988d ago

I wish you didn't say that. It makes it seem longer.

DoomeDx1988d ago

There is no diffrence in this trailer at all.
Extended? What is extended?

MariaHelFutura1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It`s about 1 sec at the end. But, yes there is not much difference at all.

Hatsune-Miku1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Simply, AMAZING! I can't waste my money on garbage games when I see quality exclusives like this on the PS3. How could someone want to waste there money on a Wii u then say zombie u is amazing when they see this. Zombie u might be a good game to some but this game must seem like it was crafted by super beings by those same people if they witness this.

To each his own but these standards of ps3 exclusives aren't the standards anywhere else. This game is among the best games crafted this generation on any system. It oozes all around quality. I love to play real quality games where you can see it and experience it instead of hype games like zombie u where someone is telling you its there but its not. I can't believe a game like this will be the same price as zombie u , and others that doesn't even come close in quality. I know we are all different and like different things but the qualities of this game are easily seen and should become the standard of this generation or should have been the standard years ago.I know it has been the standard to have high quality games on the ps3 exclusively since heavenly sword, uncharted , killzone, gow 3 and many others like the last of us while gradually increasing the bar with each game but gamers who are mostly fans of other systems should have been demanding the same for their fav systems. next gen the standards will be raised again by ps4 and xbox720 and I cannot wait.

Irishguy951988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Love when he kills the infected with the grenade/

Also Hatsune, stop being a fanboy, Zombie U has it's own appeals and is certainly nothing like The Last of Us. TLoU doesn't even have zombies :derp:

I don't understand why you have to take a dig at a month old console just because The last of Us is coming out. Maybe I should bring up Starcraft or Shogun 2 and Laugh at the console plebeians who have no Strategy games? Or I can accept that there are different games on every system worth buying.

Also "eavenly sword, uncharted , killzone, gow 3"

Really? Uncharted is the only one there that tops it's genre single player wise(to be beaten by LoU). The rest, God of war has had Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden and DmC to face up too, same with Heavenly sword, Killzone has the massive catalog of FPS to face up against, it certainly didn't top that category(I can bring up awards if you want? Since they seem to be so important when it comes to Uncharted)

Oh I see, GTA4 >>> Every Xbox 360 and Ps3 game right up2013?

I don't care about the scores or the awards, stop bringing them up, especially when Cod gets it's scores year after year and Twilight princess(not great for a Zelda) is a 95. They are invalid because they always have been and it seems only recently people started using them again. God of War gets by on it's graphics and presentation as usual, gameplay wise, even Jaffe himself admitted that Bayonetta had it, although "he must be doing something right"(which he was, graphics and presentation).

Ezz20131988d ago


*******Also "eavenly sword, uncharted , killzone, gow 3"

Really? Uncharted is the only one there that tops it's genre single player wise(to be beaten by LoU). The rest, God of war has had Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden and DmC to face up too, same with Heavenly sword*********

take your time looking at the scores for all those games you talked about and then look at god of war games scores
god of war 3 alone beat every single Hack and slash game this gen

Hatsune-Miku1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@ irishguy

95% or so of ps3 exclusives are above other games or exclusives on other systems. There are exclusives and games elsewhere that competes with ps3 exclusives by genre but they are of lower quality when it comes to things we can see or sort of quantify.

There are too many ps3 exclusives I can mention dating back to the launch of ps3. Everyone is an individual who find things more enjoyable than others but for the things we can all quantify when it comes to quality we can actually see the difference in ps3 standards of exclusives are unmatched. It doesn't matter who enjoys playing pong or pacman and other games. I understand that we all enjoy different things but the fact that ps3 exclusives are on another level isthe issue I'm addressing.

I don't support lower class games or games below the standards of ps3 AAA exclusives unless they are xbl,psn games that are cheap to buy. I don't support bad games because bad games that are successful will only spawn another version and can lead to the same attitude of developers making bad games. I can mention certain ideas or bad games that constantly does well when released but I don't feel bad because there's an audience that might enjoy it. I just don't want bad decisions permeating the gaming industry that can lead to majority of devs regurgitating bad things seen elsewhere that became a success.

To each his own. On the ps3 the quality exclusives are constant because they are successful and I can't support less than those standards. If people want quality then they should support quality and not spin negative decisions that companies do because you'll continue to get rubbish. Zombie u is rubbish among a lot of other games

If someone thinks bayonetta is up to the quality of gow 3 then something is wrong with them. You can prefer or like bayonetta more definitely but the graphics, the sound, animations, physics, the lighting, the resolution and a lot are better in gow 3.

Look at the AAA ps3 exclusives releasing next year like sly cooper, gow ascension, beyond two souls, the last of us and a few others and you'll notice again that those games are above everything anywhere else on other consoles. The ps3 has been releasing the best quality exclusives since launch and some games dating back to launch day hasn't been matched in some areas

baodeus1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


I totally agree with u. Sony should really charge $100 for their exclusives because these games have quality that surpass any other game (like next Gen quality); I still think at 100 would be too cheap because these games are at least 10x more then any other games that are selling for $60. Sony should really based their price on quality, not market standard because their games are made by super beings for god sake.

And for anyone who complain about hrs of gameplay, just remember that hrs of game play does not equal quality. As hatsune said, u can visually see the quality oozing whenever u play these exclusive, and I do mean literally oozing. I would prefer these visually oozing quality over any other fake, monotonous contents or MP to cover up a smelly turd laying underneath.

Peace out.

cannon88001988d ago


my penis after I finished watching this trailer... Sorry I went too far.

baodeus1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

What some one disagree with me? Let me emphasize what I means by fake crap, and I know Hatsune would agree with me since we think a like.

Let takes red dead redemption for example. What is the most famous western movie of all time? Clint Eastwood right? What do cow boys do? They shoot people, rob banks and train, rapes, riding horses etc...and what happen in Red Dead Redemption? They make me herding a bunch of cows on my horses? Since when cow boys suppose to herd cows and they are telling me that is where the name come from? What kinda of BS history bending indoctrination crap is that?

How about a spartan in sup-up armor shooting guns at elite aliens to prevent them from opening portal through this so called "Halo" ancient architechture? Since when do Spartan do that? Aren't they suppose to be in their loin cloth fighting against the gods like zeus with the legendary sword, shield and arrows like Kratos in god of war?

I didn't even mention about an RPG that play like 3rd person shooter (again, aliens, since when do we see any aliens around here?) or a platoon of bulky marines, bulkier than our previous california governator who is still consider the biggest most beautiful body builder of the century, who fought against underground legions of even bulkier hordes call locust?

All of those games are bombarded with unbelievable and unrelatable characters and story unlike Sony exclusives that stay true to its genra with extra oozing quality on top.

Take UC3 for example. It stay exactly true to the action adventure genra, almost exactly like the timeless action adventure movie Indiana Jones. You got everything from fighting with villians on a boat during the storm, chasing army cargo through a canyon on your horses, father and son relationship, or escaping from a crumbling temple through the canyon and ride out into the sun set on your horses. You even get to fight on a cargo plane just like in a james bond movie.

Take God of War for another example. It stay true to the mythical story that was recorded in Greek history and has been passed down from generation to generation. Practically everyone since they were born have heard of those story millions of times through movies and books. It is no coincidence that Santa Monica developers was sued by some guy for copy right infringement, who failed and didn't realized that those events are real and have been documented in Homer's epic Iliad and Odyssey for ages. You can still see the ruble residue of those history in Greece, from their vases, statue, crumbled architecture, etc...They are real people.

Take Kill zone as another example. You have realistic sizes soldiers fighting against legions of enemies wearing gas mask with internal conflict within their government just like back in the WW2 against the Natzi. Even their symbol and color were similar.

That is why Sony exclusives have such high quality because they created believable/relatable characters and story that we have come to know and love for generations. And Sony even added extra oozing quality on top like flipping over the boat scene, falling off of the cargo plane as it blows up, running up the Titan arms, or blast the enemies home turf to ashes only to leave the master mind leader intact (just like the unsolved mystery about that if Hitler really survive or die when the Soviet blasted his base to smitherine).

Sony exclusives are keeping it real with oozing quality, not like of those fake crap that i just mentioned.

1988d ago
Muerte24941988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

up until a certain point. Wii U's Zombie U left me with that "Resident Evil dog jumps through glass" feel. It may not be for everyone but I certainly enjoyed watching streams of it. I just don't get the hypocrisy of my fellow ps3 gamers. We hated when people did "Ps3 is doomed" articles but jump on the "wii U is dead" bandwagon. Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Now when it comes to ps3 exclusives, we clearly disagree. Killzone 2 was the first FPS really focus the detail on the gun and every other shooter has followed suit (Halo reach, Halo 4, COD Crysis2/3) go watch the gametrailers review to see what I'm talking about. GOD of War 3's closet competitor was Castlevania LOS and Dante's Inferno. Neither achieved the visual fidelity that Santa Monica Studios were able to. When you see a good looking game on the 360, you hear "it looks good, for the 360"(Exception of Halo4).I also don't think anyone saw the success of LBP coming. Sony invented two entirely new genre's with games like Heavy Rain (look at the Walkind Dead game)and Play/Create/Share. Sony's first party ensured that some of gaming's best experiences will be on their platform.

insomnium21988d ago


You need some sleep it seems. If you have been on this site you've witnessed some of the double standards in media when it comes to PS3 exclusives. Wasn't edge for example proven to bias against PS3?

starchild1987d ago

I can't wait for The Last of Us. Naughty Dog games are pure quality.

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badz1491988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

but this looks distinctively different from the likes of RE, SH or DS! the emphasize on story is like 2nd to none and the animation...OMG...AMAZING!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1987d ago

After dec 21st only the last of us will play this.

kevco331988d ago

Not much of a PS3 gamer myself, but if ever there was a time to start 7th May would be it.

DigitalRaptor1988d ago

If there ever was a time to start it was MGS4 and LBP back in 2008.

or Killzone 2, inFamous, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time back in 2009.

or January 22nd with Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Ares901988d ago

Too late. The reason of why this game is releasing so early is because of the next-gen PS console.

And there are absolutely NO EXCUSES to not having a PS3 earlier

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