Black Ops II’s End Song Bit Was Downright Embarrassing

If you’ve beaten the story campaign for Black Ops II, you might have seen this awkward nugget shoehorned in at the end. Cassidee sounds off on how unnecessary it was.

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OneAboveAll1958d ago

Yea, it couldn't have been simple. Even MOH's ending was better than this and the song choice was a hell of a lot better too.

MasterD9191958d ago

Who thought this was funny and or necessary for this game?

I mean seriously...WTF is this?

cmurdurr1958d ago

Totally broke the entire experience for me. So bizarre.

danitanzo1958d ago

Its a good thing I watched it before playing the game... :P I was able to not take it as seriously as everyone else... And I don't see how emotionally attached you could be to characters in COD... seriously, who plays COD for the characters and story...

MysticStrummer1958d ago

Yeah. This is yet another stupid complaint. This gen has been amazing for those. smh

t0mmyb0y1957d ago

I can't play BO2 SP. My Wii U 'freezes' on the Old West mission after I destroy the last tank. The gamepad is unresponsive to the U and I have to unplug it. Was really enjoying it too. Anyone have a fix?