These Games You Can't Miss Next Year

God of War: Ascension, Grand Theft Auto V, Gears of War: Judgement and much, much more. These are games you can't miss next year!

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-GametimeUK-2017d ago

The Last of Us...

GOTY 2013... You heard it here first!

2013 looks a lot better than this crap filled year.

shammgod2017d ago

I agree with The Last of Us.

This year wasn't that bad. For me, I feel like the games I did not anticipate were better than my highly anticipated games.

TopDudeMan2017d ago

I haven't plugged my PS3 in since I got my PC this summer. The Last of Us will probably tempt me to do so.

Ilovetheps42017d ago

My most anticipated game for 2013 is The Last of Us. I cannot wait for that game. Naughty Dog has always made great games. It seems like they've done it again with this game.

TheColbertinator2017d ago

Bioshock Infinite,The Last of Us and Tales of Xillia will be my most anticipated.