GDC: Call of Duty 4 DLC and More

PSU Writes:

"Bowling said that Infinity Ward is listening to the community. Everyday he's checking the Call of Duty 4 forums and his blog for suggestions and comments. Also, they check Youtube quite frequently to check for the latest glitches - the "Pipeline Glitch" is one example of something Infinity Ward is already looking at to be fixed.

"We are very proactive when it comes to negative comments on the community forums," Bowling said. "We want to provide the best online experience we can..."

Lastly before the interview was over, we talked about how the new "Features Patch" will enable Infinity Ward to dynamically change the playlist settings for the online modes. Bowling said that so far, they have only changed the playlists two or three times, where as when the new patch is released they will be able to switch it up, add additional modes to the playlist frequently."

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Hydrollex3743d ago

is the worst annoying thing ever ! It's a glitch. you get kicked out for no reason

IzKyD13313743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

thats not a glitch, its when the host leaves, one thing i always found dumb was the fact that the host has absolutly NO power over the game's rules, but he can end the game if he decides he wants to leave

LastDance3743d ago

isnt that the host leaving?

thisguywithhair3743d ago

it is especially annoying when the host leaves either because he doesn't like the map and no one wants to vote it away or when the host is losing and leaves a search and destroy map after getting killed in the first round.

LevDog3743d ago

You know what else I hate.. Is that damn cheap reload thing.. where people dont go through the whole reload and they do like 1/5 of the actions and end up with a full clip.. Or the damn Aim Assit.. Which is super cheap especially for snipers.. A quick tap of L1 and R1 and Your dead.. Take those 2 things out and It will be the 2nd best to socom

Iron Man 23743d ago

Dark Sniper is happy to hear COD4 on PLAYSTATION®3 Network will be getting important updates and more DLC for Dark Sniper and the rest of the PLAYSTATION®3 Network users to enjoy,Dark Sniper just hopes Infi fixes the host leaves game=game over issue,COD4 would be perfect if that BIG issue was taken care of,thanks again for the great game known as COD4 Infinity Ward,your the best!


caffman3742d ago

it's a start but he's still talking about himself in the 3rd person which makes him as crazy as a monkey rolling on a swiss cheese!

On topic, the host quit thing also gets on my tits. Halo can pick a new host so why not COD4?

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