G4 Is Dead. But Do Gamers Really Care?

It appears that the rumors about G4's demise were not entirely overstated. On Friday, the Hollywood Reporter published an article revealing that everyone's favorite gaming-related television network is about to become extinct. NBC is planning to replace G4's game-centric programming with a television version of everyone's favorite self-congratulatory, metrosexual magazine, Esquire.

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chadboban1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

G4 has been dead to me for a long time. Ever since they became "Cops Reruns Central".

showtimefolks1868d ago

The only thing I used G4 for was E3 coverage

darthv721868d ago

i preferred tech tv over g4. Shows like audiophile and fresh gear were really cool. I will say though, the early tech tv/g4 days had a show called icons that was good.

There was also this game show like competition called arena (???) i think.

Too many changes left too many holes in their programming schedule and so they filled the voids with cops. Bad call G4....really bad call.

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animegamingnerd1868d ago

this year was the first year i didn't watch E3 on G4 but instead

guitarded771868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I prefer Gametrailers for E3 coverage, but I get your point. All they do is recycle news on their blogroll, and the G4 community are sheep. But anytime we have one less option for gaming news/reviews it sucks.

DatNJDom811868d ago

I say good riddance to the xbox channel.

xTHRASHx1867d ago

I LOVED Icons. Man, during my long days up in Canada I used to sit around and watch Icons, Cinematech, Cheat, Game Makers, and of course Xplay

xTHRASHx1867d ago

I cant remember the name of that show, with the two guys who reviewed games, that was awesome. Theyd be like outside at parks and shit talking about games they played. I wish I could remember the name

Acquiesc31867d ago

Judgment Day. And agreed with pretty much everything already said.

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R3DRAIN891868d ago

Same here. I wish their was a full 24/7 all about games network sort of like how espn has its 24/7 sports news & updates. I would love to see a gaming network with that sort of concept.

chadboban1868d ago

That's what they originally were. As a matter of fact, when they first changed techTV to G4tv their tagline was "TV for gamers" and it was pretty true to that, we had shows like X-Play, Cinematech, Code Monkeys, Game Makers, Icons, Arena, Filter, Cheat etc. They were good until they became the cesspool of everything bad about television that they are today.

MarkusMcNugen1868d ago


Bubbles for remembering all those old awesome TV shows before the network went to absolute crap. The problem is networks bending over to ratings. Just look at almost any TV network nowadays and you will see it.

History Channel doesnt have much to do with history. Discovery isnt much about nature or discoveries at all anymore. Animal Planet is just a bunch of reality shows like hoarders for pet owners. TLC is the exact opposite of its name, promoting stupidity like Honey Boo Boo than anything remotely educational. MTV hasnt shown music videos for 12+ years. VH1 rarely shows music videos just like MTV. G4TV barely shows any reviews of video games or their technology.

In todays society, it seems television networks care more about quantity than quality. This probably has something to do with profit gains.

I say good riddance. When a network becomes as corrupt as these all have, just let them go. A show here and there is fine, but for the most part boycott their programming. Be part of the few that demand quality over generic programming.

NYC_Gamer1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Nope,G4 was garbage and full of lame comedy & reality shows.

JoshEngen1868d ago

What? Playboy models aren't comedians?

Anon19741868d ago

I only figured out it was a station a year ago. Prior to that I thought it was just a gaming Tv show. I didn't even realize it was a whole channel. I don't even know if it was ever available in Canada but I don't think I ever saw it as an option in my cable packages or anything. Sounds like I didn't miss anything.

MariaHelFutura1868d ago

People are going to come here for the girl in the picture. So, I'd say no.

Chuk51868d ago

Sessler was the last thing that kept that place relevant.
He's gone.

chadboban1868d ago

Yeah, he actually works for Rev3 games now. You should check him out on youtube.

dgonza401868d ago

Yeah, it's pretty cool seeing him talk to the fans and talk about the things he wants to

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The story is too old to be commented.
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