God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Available to PS Plus Members January 8th

As some of you know, the fine folks at Sony Santa Monica Studio recently opened their doors to members of the gaming press — the first such “open house” event in the studio’s history. In addition to experiencing hands-on time with the upcoming multiplayer beta for God of War: Ascension and two new characters coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, journalists experienced a rare inside look at one of the most accomplished and diverse game production facilities in the world. This is a place where developers of indie titles such as The Unfinished Swan and Journey and big-budget blockbusters such as God of War and Starhawk proudly work shoulder-to-shoulder.

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Fishermenofwar1825d ago



Should be over Christmas...BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


*Patiently waits in corner for Jan 8*

Riderz13371825d ago

Should have played Rise of the Warrior. All you had to do was sign up. Getting my beta code December 17.

Double_Oh_Snap1825d ago

Go here hope you get Trojan return on 12/17/12 Beta early.

rajman1825d ago

OMG I just missed out :( I played that game when it started, I was on the losing team and though it was over for me....just logged in now and saw that I was given a verification code I could use to enroll to the beta, but enrollment ended y'day :(

HeavenlySnipes1825d ago

Exact same thing happened to me. Did they expect us to check the site everyday? The last time I went they said we (Trojans or whatever) won the thing and we'd get in early and we had too wait. Then they randomly make the code available but only for a few days without telling anyone.

I found out this morning and was disappointed that my code expired yesterday

finbars751825d ago

They announced a few months ago that the beta was suppose to be the first week of december.They might want to rethink there promises next time before pushing it a month ahead for those looking ofrward to it.

Deputydon1825d ago

I see to be the only person that thinks you should never mix CGI with game play in a trailer. It just makes the game play's graphics look bad.

soljah1825d ago

i usually agree with deputy but this trailer was done really well and graphics are so clean and detailed, hard to tell when CGI turns into gameplay

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jakmckratos1825d ago

Not bad for a Beta that was supposed to come out IN EFFIN NOVEMBER

WeskerChildReborned1825d ago

Need to get a PS+ card it looks like.

GraveLord1825d ago

I'm already downloading it.....

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