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Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 3 Review

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Far Cry 3. (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

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Christopher  +   867d ago
LOL @ rose bushes calling in reinforcement rose bushes.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   867d ago
Wow....This is one of Yahtzees best reviews in a while imo...I laughed a couple times.
josephayal  +   866d ago
IM totally addicted to Far cry 3 and Jason
showtimefolks  +   866d ago
awesome lol

always does a great job
Loki86  +   866d ago
Only a 1/4th of the way through it, taking my time to do everything on the highest difficulty. Had to skip half of this review, too many spoilers. That being said this is definitely my GOTY and maybe game of this gen.
r21  +   866d ago
Hahaha that same thing happened with me! I was gonna take over this enemy post, taking my time and trying to stealth kill every enemy with my cross bow and then suddenly, the pirates were shooting and screaming out of nowhere. Moved around and saw a tiger taking down everyone. Took over an outpost without doing anything XD
Christopher  +   866d ago
I used a tiger to take down an outpost with 8 guys. It takes me three shots to kill a tiger with my LMG, but the hundreds of bullets these guys spent did nothing to that tiger.

Only bad part is missing out on the stealth kill XP.
r21  +   865d ago
Looks like the pirates in FC3 are the new Storm Troopers XD

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