American Hardware/Software Chart for Week Ending February 15th, 2008

VGChartz reports that the American hardware and software chart for week Ending February 15th, 2008 is as follows:

Top 20 Software:

1 Devil May Cry 4 (360) 148,203 485,742
2 Lost Odyssey (360) 101,277 101,277 [NEW]
3 Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) 85,424 281,296
4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 76,362 3,334,820
5 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2) 59,059 3,036,211
6 Wii Play (Wii) 53,361 4,816,341
7 Turok (360) 49,005 190,724
8 Wii Sports (Wii) 47,702 9,363,100
9 Rock Band (360) 45,104 901,351
10 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (360) 43,421 1,963,055
11 Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village (DS) 42,183 42,183 [NEW]
12 Halo 3 (360) 39,131 5,343,536
13 Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS) 38,481 4,612,761
14 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 38,339 3,120,655
15 More Brain Training (DS) 35,852 1,690,777
16 Burnout Paradise (360) 34,749 218,174
17 Link's Crossbow Training (Wii) 32,670 898,239
18 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) 32,650 1,141,978
19 Mass Effect (360) 32,076 1,113,347
20 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) 32,061 180,229

Software Totals:

360: 1,161,963
DSL: 709,172
Wii: 692,114
PS2: 465,021
PS3: 446,805
PSP: 218,809

Total Hardware:

DSL: 166,899 (+9%)
PS3: 80,214 (+8%)
360: 79,204 (-8%)
PS2: 63,277 (-4%)
PSP: 62,493 (+5%)
Wii: 47,702 (-78%)

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TheHater3743d ago

VGchatz has been under tracking the ps3 hardware sales. So isn't it possible that they are also under tracking the ps3 software sales?

IzKyD13313743d ago

this has been talked about for a while, VGChartz STILL didnt fix the PS3 numbers, they are still off by about 400,000

Cyrus3653743d ago

Sure they could under-track PS3 software sales too, but even if they did by each title (10K), 360 is clearly selling more software in NA than PS3 is.

titntin3743d ago

I cant disagree with you.

But with three times the number of owners no one would expect any different would they?

What is more revealing is the weekly attach rate - i.e. what percentage of a machines install base bought a game this week.

360 = 10.64%
PS3 = 11.19%

You can do these figures every week for the US market based on VGChartz data and for the last 13 weeks at least, the PS3 attach rate is higher every single week, with this week being no exception.
There's no doubt that, based on VGChartz sales data, each PS3 owner buys more games than his 360 counterpart.
Thats simple varifiable maths, and though people who don't want to believe it simply disagree and move on, those who are objectively intrested in what is actually happening, will simply look at the figures and see the simple truth of it.

003743d ago

that LO is selling well.

socomnick3743d ago

yea dude Im glad an amazing game is selling well.

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toaboa3743d ago

US gamers will have their JRPG fix :-D, good news!

Big Jim3743d ago

I'm glad LO is selling. Its a great game, but if xbox owners don't start supporting JRPs then they'll probably quit making them for the 360. Everyone go out and buy LO!

rCrysis3743d ago

I'm glad that everything is going well for all the game companies. but the console war just started with blu-rays win. Sony's hardware may see a sudden increase. Although I'm pretty disappointed by their software sales.

I'm pretty sure Sony's big releases are going to make the console war interesting


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The story is too old to be commented.