‘The Walking Dead’ video game intense violence, sexual themes and more detailed

The Entertainment Software Rating Board today released their rating summary for the retail release of “The Walking Dead” video game, which is now available.

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Soldierone1984d ago

When was there a sexual theme? Character flirting count as that?

Lord_Sloth1984d ago

I haven't played them really but it depends on what was said and how the flirting was done.

cleft51984d ago

They said the rape word a couple of times and it alluded to that women where being rape. There is some character romance, but short of that there is nothing. I found the sexual themes thing odd too but I guess they are there.

Hydralysk1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

One character was also selling herself to get medicine for her sister, so I can see why even if it's a bit of an overreaction.

dee231983d ago

The subject of was sex barely hinted at and was never shown. The word rape was probably mentioned once when Kenny said you might as well leave a sign saying the men are gone come and rape our women and children.I don't think that a warning was necessary. You see far more sexual content in pre-water shed programmes and pg-13 movies. The only scene in the game that I can think of is when you see the doctor zip up his trousers but you don't see him have sex with anyone, he could just as easily have been taking a piss. The idea of him having sex was implied but it wasn't shown. A child playing the game wouldn't have picked up on it. Oh yeah and Carly kisses Lee on his cheek if you kept her alive in episode 1 that is. I think Telltale probably had to make cuts so the game could past certification in all regions.

PraxxtorCruel1984d ago

When is this out on the xbox 360? I mean in disk format.

cleft51984d ago

You can get it on disk format now, it was released on December 10.

PraxxtorCruel1984d ago

I live in Europe though. I'm pretty sure it isn't out here yet.