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Tales of Vesperia (Timed) Exclusive for 360

The latest issue of PLAY Magazine has details on the latest Tales game, and it just so happens to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. Set to hit the Xbox 360 this year (odds are fourth quarter), Tales of Vesperia is the first Tales game to be in HD and will feature a lot of the trademark excellence that has made the series one of the most loved JRPG's around. (Tales of Vesperia, Xbox 360)

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pwnmaster3000  +   2721d ago
of course is a time exclusive why in the world will they put a japanese game Exclusively for 360 and all of u xbot who said these was a 360 exlusive hahahahaha ur wrong take one Exclusive of ur list xbots
Snukadaman  +   2721d ago
Timed exclusive is still a exclusive dummy...
look at ace combat....lost planet...by the time this game comes too ps3 you will be knee deep in installs and have too delete a game or 2...gives you time too finish a couple droid.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2721d ago
You didn't say that about UT3, did you?
wageslave  +   2721d ago
Square is releasing a triACE title EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox 360 called Infinite Undiscovery.
mullet  +   2721d ago
@ wageslave
Too bad it's gonna flop. Sooner than you think, Square-Enix is just going to stop making games for 360. Think about this. What's gonna happen when White Knight Chronicles, FFXIII, and Versus XIII come out in Japan? They're all PS3 exclusive and everyone that doesn't own a PS3 will buy one just to play those games. And then what's gonna happen after that? The people that bought it are gonna tell their friends how much it rocks and then those same people are gonna tell THEIR friends to buy a PS3. Don't f*ck with Final Fantasy. Once those games release in Japan it's all over.
pwnmaster3000  +   2721d ago
so is unreal tournament 3 but xbots keep sayin it doesnt count as exclusive and ay we wait for 20 min but how long do u need to wait for ur 360 back from the shop

wageslave so we got white knight and final fantasy and star ocean and star ocean is still ps3 exclusive until announce is going multi

Jason 360
wow u backed me well u got more respect from me
hades07  +   2721d ago
Mullet, i dont know what kind of friends you have, and I love rpg's, but I dont see people getting all excited and going telling their friends and then their friends about the next great rpg. RPG's had their prime with Final Fantasy 7. No other rpg since has had the hype or marketing that game had. So I dont see rpgs as such a big ps3 system seller as you make it out to be.
Snukadaman  +   2721d ago
Mullet you have a point...
The problem is japan aint interested in the ps3 or xbox right now...I have no doubt that if anything final fantasy drops in japan it will sell well....but the charts prove that anything ps3 or even xbox throws out towards the japanese sells great for awhile but quickly falls in the charts the next weeks...the japanese are a fickle bunch right now..and it looks like they are loving their hand helds and gimmicks right now..not next gen.

hades07 i agree with you..the japanese use to live and die with their dragon quests games...even stand in long lines for them...now..not so much.
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InYourMom  +   2721d ago
"1.2 - You didn't say that about UT3, did you?"


Look at all the hate flowing. Since when did any 360 person say this was an exclusive and brag about it? I didn't even know until just now, even if it is timed if it's anything like Eternal Sonata you will get it in a year. lol

This is why I love my 360, no waiting and a nice variety of different games.
Mr Marbles  +   2721d ago
Hey pwnedmaster
eat a phallus
PopEmUp  +   2721d ago
Don't worry
I got 200gb left to go, so there plenty of time
hades07  +   2721d ago
Your right, I remember reading about how the Japanese would have holidays to celebrate the release of a new Dragon Quest game, I'm not even sure if they do that anymore. Its a shame really, because I do not see as many RPG's coming out this generation as you did with the PS2. Even FF13 might get pushed back to early 2010 for North America. With such a late release date how many Rpg's can we expect to see from Square Enix this generation. Looks like I may have to pick up a Wii to fulfill my rpg Dragon Quest fix, though I will admit the 360 is doing a doing a suprisingly good job with Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata, a game I was definately surprised by, sleeper hit of 2007 if you ask me.
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Snukadaman  +   2721d ago
Yeaa..kids use to skip school and the government decided too have days off around major game releases...I remember those days because I use too wonder..wow those japanese love their games.....now the last time in the news there was such a fervor was the crisis core psps and the super smash brawl....notice nothing next gen?
hades07  +   2721d ago
I know I was hoping as a kid to get days off for the next sonic game on the genesis, but sadly that never happened. Yeah I know, seems like once upon a time the Japanese were all about the newest most powerful technology, not all of a sudden its like fook HD graphics, I want innovative controllers and portable systems.
rCrysis  +   2721d ago
I'm wondering
The tales series base is incredibly strong in Japan due to its excellence as a JRPG. My question is if it attracts more JRPG fans why would it be a time exclusive for 360?
CrazzyMan  +   2721d ago
Because Microsoft BUY timed exclusives and Sony DON`T.

Still, that won`t help much to x360, there are around 500k hardcore gamers in Japan, which most of them has PS3, half of them(x360 owners) buying version which comes first, most of them buy ps3 version when game come at same time.

Since eventually all japanese x360 games comes to ps3, there is no much point. But atleast they try. =))
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ruibing  +   2721d ago
A repeat of Eternal Sonata I guess.
KidMakeshift  +   2721d ago
All the "Tales Of" games have been on the PS1, PS2, and PSP (Tales of Symphonia, Innocence, and Tempest being the only exceptions that I'm aware of), and are quite big in Japan (I own all of them except Tempest, and World). It would be kind of a slap in the face to the fans to release it exclusively on another console (especially one that isn't very popular in Japan).

They did the same thing with Eternal Sonata, which is from the same publisher, Bandai Namco
gaffyh  +   2721d ago
I don't really want to encourage him, but CrazzyMan is right, Microsoft have obviously paid for this exclusivity, because it is extremely stupid on the developers part because they will not get much sales on the 360 especially seen as there aren't many 360 owners in Japan, and most 360 owners in NA don't like JRPGS.
socomnick  +   2721d ago
Its kinda strange the the Xbox 360 an American console has more rpgs and Jrpgs than the competition. Im not complaining though I love RPGS im really loving lost odyssey right now.
fenderputty  +   2721d ago
I've thought that odd as well.
Still ... we did only just finish the first year. Two really good looking JRPG's are coming this year(at least I pray) as well. FFXIII and White knight Story both look good.

I'll give MS credit though. They've done a much better job at trying to capture other areas of the market this gen then they did last gen.
ry-guy  +   2721d ago
Microsoft is making a conscious effort to secure RPG titles for its console and we haven't seen that much from Sony except for FFXIII and White Knight Story. Sony really needs to pick it up and Microsoft needs to find some blockbuster RPGs and maybe it could blow open the door for them in Japan with that? Maybe?
KillaManiac  +   2721d ago
They released so many RPGs fast b/c they want to take Japan..but Japan hates anything American and wont ever be popular there.
ry-guy  +   2720d ago
Agreed and I wonder why people call Americans unwelcoming, arrogant, and ignorant of the world around them when we have a country here unwilling to be open to a new console.
ChaosKnight  +   2721d ago
Seriously? And here I was planning on getting it on the PS3 cuz my favorite Tales games are on a Sony platform (Destiny 2, Legendia and Abyss)... but if it's coming out on the 360 first... I might have to dish out the cash for both =(

Strange decision none the less.
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fallfast  +   2721d ago
No way. the controller for the xbox 360 is not any good for that kind of game.
toaboa  +   2721d ago
@ 3.1
Owning all 3 cur-gen systems - In my world the 360 controllers wins hands down, so thats a perfect match :-D
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KidMakeshift  +   2721d ago
If you mean the american Tales of Destiny 2, which is actually Tales of Eternia, then I recommend importing the PSP remake that was only released in Japan and Europe.
ceedubya9  +   2721d ago
This is an RPG. I doubt that you'll need anything more than a stick and a couple of face buttons to play. This probably won't have any complicated inputs that would make a controller preference an issue.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2721d ago
another good title for 2008.
rCrysis  +   2721d ago
he didn't rule out a ps3 version...so I totally would wait for this game on blu-ray.
if indeed it does not come out on ps3 I would have to fork over $250 for a 360.

the ps3 would be a great console to release on due to the fact the ps3 is what most JRPG lovers have. In my opinion.
Reaching for the 360 however can create a new fanbase. Time will tell if this is the correct decision
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v1c1ous  +   2721d ago
the jrpg console of this gen!? ._O
rCrysis  +   2721d ago
it seems that to many JRPG devs, actually to Namco, developing Tales of Vesperia for 360 would be easier. Look at Square-Enix. Developing for Ps3 is taking a lot of time, much more than developing for 360 or even PS2. Namco went with the choice to develop faster to release Vesperia faster.

I wonder if it'll be a system seller for 360.
RIPHDDVD  +   2721d ago
Not really. If you want the JRPG's that are actually GOOD you'll need a PS3. Level-5 and Square-Enix will continue to develop their biggest games exclusive to a Japanese console, their main platforms being DS, Wii and PS3.

Mistwalker continues to release flops and Eternal Sonata, the only decent JRPG on 360, is coming to PS3 with more content.
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RecSpec  +   2721d ago
Actually I don't own a 360 but I am starting to get annoyed by all the people saying how good Lost Odyssey is. Lousy people making me want to play a 360 game.
RIPHDDVD  +   2721d ago
Timed like Eternal Sonata? What's the point? Lol.
fallfast  +   2721d ago
Yeah, im not going to buy that stuff anyway. the only game worth playing like that is final fantasy.
Elginer  +   2721d ago
I can't wait for
a next-gen Tales game. I'm sure the animation is gonna be awesome.
Darkiewonder  +   2721d ago
What's the point of touting an exclusive game for 360
if it's coming to the ps3 later? It's like Microsoft only want a short burst from these games. Almost like they don't really care. But so far. There's two Namco Games getting brought over to the ps3.
Bnet343  +   2721d ago
no offense but eternal sonata can be beaten in 3 days. check my gamercard for proof.
KillaManiac  +   2721d ago
Most RPGs can be beaten in a couple days IF you dont sleep AND you just do the main quest.

But it sounds like Eternal Sonata for PS3 will have another section of story/and not to mention changing character appearance.
Lelouch V Brit  +   2721d ago
it's great news, I don't care about timed exclusive, xbox 360 needs more JRPG games!!!
fallfast  +   2721d ago
For sure! The only exclusive they seem to have is Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and that thing from TriAce.

Really, jrpg games are so popular, how are they going to compete without tehm?
rCrysis  +   2721d ago
So in general a timed exclusive
is a game that is released for one console at first. then is later released for another one?

if microsoft actually bought this 'exclusive' for a hope of a JRPG market coming to 360 they're kidding themselves.

In total speculation if a JRPG was released for 360 first then PS3 later. I would see the PS3 version selling much more copies than the 360 version becaues it is a 'JRPG'. In the 360 vs PS3 market PS3 is dominant in Japan. Also, many PS3 owners are fans of JRPGs (Final Fantasy, Tales of Abyss, Legendia, Grandia...Etc.)

A JRPG will always (IMO) sell more on a Japanese console than that of the 360
alster23  +   2721d ago
should we even follow wut PLAY magazine says?
KidMakeshift  +   2721d ago
Yeah, but take their reviews with a gallon of salt.

They should call their magazine "Play... on Xanax" since they practically love everything
midgard229  +   2721d ago
thats why its times exclusive like eternal sonata, and like eternal sonata ps3 will get better version, more characters, quest, costumes w/e
fallfast  +   2721d ago
Exactly. All the PS3 multi-platform games have been so much better.

Who cares if it takes a little longer? Im trying to finish Lair anyway.
Nostradamus  +   2721d ago
I cant tell if you are being a fanboy or being sarcastic.

Because multiplats are not better on the PS3, thats a proven fact.
miked808  +   2721d ago
Good news. So many RPGs so little time. Picking up Lost Odyssey this Saturday and I have 2 hours on Mass Effect because Blue Dragon is taking all my time.
theoneandonly  +   2721d ago
And once again, I am little surprised by the arrogance of some Sony fanboys...
First of all, Tales of Vesperia is 360 exclusive for now. Its in full HD, it will have exclusive achievements and so on and it remains exclusive.

Second of all, Sony fanboys are in need of a major mea-culpa.

Clearly, the only real thing going for PS3 right now is Blu-Ray, that and its major games like FF 13 were delayed well into 2009.

Secondly this is going to be another major year for the Xbox360 and its time to buckle down and accept that, there isn't a thing they can do about it.

"What's gonna happen when White Knight Chronicles, FFXIII, and Versus XIII come out in Japan?"

I don't even want to BEGIN to write whats wrong with that statement. I will tell you what will happen once FF13 finally drops in 2009, there will be more JRPGs released for the PS3. And that's about it.

Microsoft despite your idiotic rants, has made DAMN sure they are going to continue to get RPGs including JRPGs and Western RPGs.

They have offered huge help with developing games where Sony did little, Sony could have done something long ago and got their own going. 360 is NOT ever going to vanish from Japan, period, and the only thing that can happen for it is it will get slightly better.

As for any blockbuster sales records, well that is not happening, but I predict they will finally reach a million units in Japan.

And as for your ridiculous comments, "UNREAL" is not the system seller it once was. $ony could have spent money on securing RPGs and instead it went after Unreal, which is not anyone's fault but their own.

And for the final time, lets forget how epic or grandiose FF XIII is. FF thirteen is an action game for the most part, its got a declining fanbase and it uses Final Fantasy in its title.

Its not coming out until 2009 and Lost Odyssey is every bit as good as it already, and actually uses mainstream turn based combat. Lost Odyssey makes people forget there ever was Final Fantasy.

And it made absolutely sure that Final Fantasy will have competition for a long time to come, because newsflash: Mistwalker games has more games to come, and they are a second party team who does Nintendo DS and 360, PC games.

Lets not be ignorant anymore, "HALO 3" may have been the blockbuster title of 2007 but that was simply HALO 3.

"GEARS OF WAR 2" is the blockbuster game of 2008, and its going to be every bit as good as before only with better matchmaking. And "GEARS OF WAR" is far from small, Sony fanboys

"GEARS OF WAR" is on scale with "HALO" as far as a franchise is concerned, and its going to do what the first one did only stronger: Sell systems.

Without "GRAN TURISMO 5" or "RESISTANCE 2", Sony would have nothing to fend off the oncoming "GEARS" barrage as the series is huge now.

"SUPREME COMMANDER" is really no slouch either, even if never reaches the enormous sales of "GEARS".

But getting to the bottom line here, GOLDENEYE 007 and GEARS OF WAR are still mega-hits which will sell systems like crazy. And the amount of hype is even on par with Grand Theft Auto 4, because there's a slew of arcade titles coming out this year.

But NINJA GAIDEN 2 and TOO HUMAN, with emphasis on TOO HUMAN, are going to increase 360 sales all over Europe out of left field.

If you are honestly shocked and surprised after the TOO HUMAN wave reaches Europe, don't you dare say we didn't say so or warn you.

"TOO HUMAN" has been worked on to be a dynamite game for all fans of the genre, its been polished off to sheer perfection, and this is the next "LEGACY OF KAIN" series from Silicon Knights.

"TOO HUMAN" will be beyond Legacy of Kain however as the trilogy was locked in as 360 exclusive. And when Europe truly gets their hands on it, it won't just turn heads. It will sell systems through-out europe faster than anyone even EXPECTED and that's a fact.

Its a golden FRANCHISE, and you had your chance ages ago to "Jump in". The proof is in the very poor sales of Uncharted:Drake's Fortune. You rush your games to press and rush them for HYPE, and then rely on sequels too much, something your competitor, will never be so foolhardy to allow as they plan to bite back in BIG ways.

Regardless of franchises like GEARS or GOLDENEYE, "TOO HUMAN" will be of real notoriety and acclaim in Europe. You may want to note that we've kept track of every arrogant comment you could make, just to rub it in your face when the sales tell a different tale.
bootsielon  +   2721d ago
Wow, I don't know where to begin
Anyone can realize you're a fvcktard. But of course, I'll get disagrees since this is an Xbox tread. I won't even bother to answer your retarded rant piece by piece, it's not even worth my time.
Mr Marbles  +   2721d ago
Hey bootsie
not only do you get disagrees, you lose bubbles too ;)
jackdoe  +   2721d ago
Bandai Namco is making the same mistake with this game that they made with Eternal Sonata. When will they learn? The MS paycheck must be higher than the revenue loss from Eternal Sonata...
-edit- If you disagree, then tell me why. Hate invisible disagreers.
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Lelouch V Brit  +   2721d ago
"Bandai Namco is making the same mistake with this game that they made with Eternal Sonata. When will they learn? The MS paycheck must be higher than the revenue loss from Eternal Sonata..."
jackdoe  +   2721d ago
Thankyou. Anyway, if Bandai Namco is not doing it for a MS paycheck(in other words, if the director of the game is speaking the truth), and they are doing it because they can get the game out faster, than Bandai Namco and its producers are truly stupid. Eternal Sonata hasn't even broken the 300,000 mark worldwide. If MS is paying them to make it a timed exclusive, than it isn't that bad of a business move. They can avoid FFXIII(if it indeed is released this year in Japan Q4) and sell the game on the PS3 when there is no competition.
fallfast  +   2721d ago
This game looks so awesome! I cant wait to get it!

when is the PS3 version being released? I hope its before FF, and I hope FF is before 2010!
darthv72  +   2721d ago
why not give them a chance?
You gamers who only play on one system are doing yourself a disservice by not enjoying titles on all platforms. I dont think this game will move any more systems but you have to give them credit for trying harder this gen than last gen.

The comment about sony dont buy exclusives...well that remains to be seen. They may not have to now but you can bet at one time they had made a few deals for franchises back in the day. It is business. Nintendo did it. Sega did it. MS does it. And yes even Sony.

Timed or not I think people should drop the one sided nature of console fanboyism and just play games for the games.
jackdoe  +   2721d ago
Eh? I was merely commenting on how stupid a business move this is on Bandai Namco's part. Eternal Sonata, Beautiful Katamari, and Ace Combat 6 haven't exactly sold like gangbusters on the 360. Poor business decisions have caused their stocks to fall, as well as their earnings. And it seems like Tales won't sell like gangbusters either. Anyway, in this case, a one console owner can enjoy this game when it is ported to the PS3 down the line. With an extra character and maybe extra cutscenes to fix a broken story (ala Eternal Sonata). Of course they'd have to wait a year, but I'm sure WKC will suffice. Now GeoW 2 and MGS4. Those are the games that will break the divide.
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Silver360  +   2720d ago
didn't Sony
Pay for LA Noir and GTA V?
chrno6  +   2721d ago
The thing is xbox owners don't like jrpg in general, as evidenced by the sales of blue dragon and Lost Odyessey. So it is common sense that this game will eventually make its way to the ps3. I believe the exclusivity is only bounded by the contract and money.
ceedubya9  +   2721d ago
That's not true
There are plenty of Xbox owners that love JRPGs. I know I do, and I also own a PS3 as well. The thing is, unless an RPG of this type doesn't have the word's "Final Fantasy" in the title, you can't expect a game to sell in the 1 million range all the time. Of all of the JRPGs that have released on the PS2 and 1, how many of those actually sold well over 500,000 copies? Probably not many. The market for JRPGs on the 360 may be smaller, but you can't generalize the whole population of 360 gamers by saying they don't like JRPGs. You'd be surprised how many of them actually own Sony systems as well.
Elginer  +   2721d ago
but those RPG's
kinda sucked lol
Rhezin  +   2721d ago
YA you won't even bother to respond because you're a f!cking retard, and you're so amazed and shocked by his words that you don't even have the gonads to respond.
InYourMom  +   2721d ago
You sound like a 360 supporter
and I notice you have one bubble.. What a shame that the army of ahole droids on this site can keep 5 bubbles but 360 supporters are voted away for defending their system against the slander it recieves. You should just make a new account, that's what they do.

rCrysis  +   2721d ago
I doubt Namco Bandai is losing much even with all this timed exclusive deals going on with Microsoft. If Microsoft offers them money for a timed exclusive, great for them. Namco gets the money from Microsoft, their sales on 360 and then their sales from PS3 which, i believe would outsell the 360.

Namco has provided us with plenty of enjoyable games on PS2. They wouldn't abandon their Playstation boys! We'll be getting Vesperia on PS3

Uchiha Madara  +   2721d ago
This Game
Will sell better on PS3

- PS3 has bigger install Base in Japan
- Its a JRPG
- Japanese Loves Tales series better than Oblivion
- Ps3 id from Japanese
- Japanese is SMART

well thats my opinion
jackdoe  +   2721d ago
I also think it is kind of funny how they announce the platform to a western magazine over a Japanese magazine. Fearing the backlash from Tales fans in Japan I presume. Would be interesting to hear what they think about this.
Genki  +   2721d ago
Congrats, people.
The Tales series is among my favorites, regardless of genre. Great RPGs, real-time battles before it was the hip thing to do, and some of the best character development in the business.

Those of you who've still got a PS2, I highly recommend Tales of the Abyss.
J@D  +   2721d ago
I don't might share some of my Tales of... Namco games love with the Xbox360 users really... on the end the PS3 will include more stuff as happen with Eternal Sonata so I don't might wait a little with this tittle.

Congrats to the xbox users on this one ^__^
bigjclassic  +   2721d ago
I like the fact that its coming to PS3 as well.
I dont have to buy a console, in fear that its going to break. PS3 has some killer JRPGs coming.
J@D  +   2721d ago
Exactly... But Disgaea it's coming this year for PS3 on US 4 sure and other RPG too.
Jigsaw-  +   2721d ago
pos3 sucks. george foreman grill with no good games,crappy online and unoriginal controller that feels extremely cheap. go see movies and cook burgers on it since that's the only use of it.
midgard229  +   2721d ago
why do people disagree with no reason??? disagree because its true??? eternal sonata for ps3 is getting more quest, costumes and characters losers, look it up, and dont worry same thing will happen to this game.

most of u (MOST, not all) 360 owners only play shooters and sports anyway, so no one will buy it anyway unless they were J-rpg fans, ps3 has all the jrpg fans, because alot of people got the ps3 for rpgs like white knight story, last remnant, ff13, ff versus, folklore and a few others
Bleucrunch  +   2721d ago
I will wait and I will get it for the ps3...I never saw the xbox as a RPG type system. IMO!
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