Tales of Vesperia (Timed) Exclusive for 360

The latest issue of PLAY Magazine has details on the latest Tales game, and it just so happens to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. Set to hit the Xbox 360 this year (odds are fourth quarter), Tales of Vesperia is the first Tales game to be in HD and will feature a lot of the trademark excellence that has made the series one of the most loved JRPG's around.

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pwnmaster30003834d ago

of course is a time exclusive why in the world will they put a japanese game Exclusively for 360 and all of u xbot who said these was a 360 exlusive hahahahaha ur wrong take one Exclusive of ur list xbots

Snukadaman3834d ago

look at ace combat....lost the time this game comes too ps3 you will be knee deep in installs and have too delete a game or you time too finish a couple droid.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3834d ago

You didn't say that about UT3, did you?

wageslave3834d ago

Square is releasing a triACE title EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox 360 called Infinite Undiscovery.

mullet3834d ago

Too bad it's gonna flop. Sooner than you think, Square-Enix is just going to stop making games for 360. Think about this. What's gonna happen when White Knight Chronicles, FFXIII, and Versus XIII come out in Japan? They're all PS3 exclusive and everyone that doesn't own a PS3 will buy one just to play those games. And then what's gonna happen after that? The people that bought it are gonna tell their friends how much it rocks and then those same people are gonna tell THEIR friends to buy a PS3. Don't f*ck with Final Fantasy. Once those games release in Japan it's all over.

pwnmaster30003834d ago

so is unreal tournament 3 but xbots keep sayin it doesnt count as exclusive and ay we wait for 20 min but how long do u need to wait for ur 360 back from the shop

wageslave so we got white knight and final fantasy and star ocean and star ocean is still ps3 exclusive until announce is going multi

Jason 360
wow u backed me well u got more respect from me

hades073834d ago

Mullet, i dont know what kind of friends you have, and I love rpg's, but I dont see people getting all excited and going telling their friends and then their friends about the next great rpg. RPG's had their prime with Final Fantasy 7. No other rpg since has had the hype or marketing that game had. So I dont see rpgs as such a big ps3 system seller as you make it out to be.

Snukadaman3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

The problem is japan aint interested in the ps3 or xbox right now...I have no doubt that if anything final fantasy drops in japan it will sell well....but the charts prove that anything ps3 or even xbox throws out towards the japanese sells great for awhile but quickly falls in the charts the next weeks...the japanese are a fickle bunch right now..and it looks like they are loving their hand helds and gimmicks right now..not next gen.

hades07 i agree with you..the japanese use to live and die with their dragon quests games...even stand in long lines for so much.

InYourMom3834d ago

"1.2 - You didn't say that about UT3, did you?"


Look at all the hate flowing. Since when did any 360 person say this was an exclusive and brag about it? I didn't even know until just now, even if it is timed if it's anything like Eternal Sonata you will get it in a year. lol

This is why I love my 360, no waiting and a nice variety of different games.

PopEmUp3834d ago

I got 200gb left to go, so there plenty of time

hades073834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Your right, I remember reading about how the Japanese would have holidays to celebrate the release of a new Dragon Quest game, I'm not even sure if they do that anymore. Its a shame really, because I do not see as many RPG's coming out this generation as you did with the PS2. Even FF13 might get pushed back to early 2010 for North America. With such a late release date how many Rpg's can we expect to see from Square Enix this generation. Looks like I may have to pick up a Wii to fulfill my rpg Dragon Quest fix, though I will admit the 360 is doing a doing a suprisingly good job with Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata, a game I was definately surprised by, sleeper hit of 2007 if you ask me.

Snukadaman3834d ago use to skip school and the government decided too have days off around major game releases...I remember those days because I use too those japanese love their the last time in the news there was such a fervor was the crisis core psps and the super smash brawl....notice nothing next gen?

hades073834d ago

I know I was hoping as a kid to get days off for the next sonic game on the genesis, but sadly that never happened. Yeah I know, seems like once upon a time the Japanese were all about the newest most powerful technology, not all of a sudden its like fook HD graphics, I want innovative controllers and portable systems.

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rCrysis3834d ago

The tales series base is incredibly strong in Japan due to its excellence as a JRPG. My question is if it attracts more JRPG fans why would it be a time exclusive for 360?

CrazzyMan3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Because Microsoft BUY timed exclusives and Sony DON`T.

Still, that won`t help much to x360, there are around 500k hardcore gamers in Japan, which most of them has PS3, half of them(x360 owners) buying version which comes first, most of them buy ps3 version when game come at same time.

Since eventually all japanese x360 games comes to ps3, there is no much point. But atleast they try. =))

ruibing3834d ago

A repeat of Eternal Sonata I guess.

KidMakeshift3834d ago

All the "Tales Of" games have been on the PS1, PS2, and PSP (Tales of Symphonia, Innocence, and Tempest being the only exceptions that I'm aware of), and are quite big in Japan (I own all of them except Tempest, and World). It would be kind of a slap in the face to the fans to release it exclusively on another console (especially one that isn't very popular in Japan).

They did the same thing with Eternal Sonata, which is from the same publisher, Bandai Namco

gaffyh3834d ago

I don't really want to encourage him, but CrazzyMan is right, Microsoft have obviously paid for this exclusivity, because it is extremely stupid on the developers part because they will not get much sales on the 360 especially seen as there aren't many 360 owners in Japan, and most 360 owners in NA don't like JRPGS.

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socomnick3834d ago

Its kinda strange the the Xbox 360 an American console has more rpgs and Jrpgs than the competition. Im not complaining though I love RPGS im really loving lost odyssey right now.

fenderputty3834d ago

Still ... we did only just finish the first year. Two really good looking JRPG's are coming this year(at least I pray) as well. FFXIII and White knight Story both look good.

I'll give MS credit though. They've done a much better job at trying to capture other areas of the market this gen then they did last gen.

ry-guy3834d ago

Microsoft is making a conscious effort to secure RPG titles for its console and we haven't seen that much from Sony except for FFXIII and White Knight Story. Sony really needs to pick it up and Microsoft needs to find some blockbuster RPGs and maybe it could blow open the door for them in Japan with that? Maybe?

KillaManiac3834d ago

They released so many RPGs fast b/c they want to take Japan..but Japan hates anything American and wont ever be popular there.

ry-guy3833d ago

Agreed and I wonder why people call Americans unwelcoming, arrogant, and ignorant of the world around them when we have a country here unwilling to be open to a new console.

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ChaosKnight3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Seriously? And here I was planning on getting it on the PS3 cuz my favorite Tales games are on a Sony platform (Destiny 2, Legendia and Abyss)... but if it's coming out on the 360 first... I might have to dish out the cash for both =(

Strange decision none the less.

fallfast3834d ago

No way. the controller for the xbox 360 is not any good for that kind of game.

toaboa3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Owning all 3 cur-gen systems - In my world the 360 controllers wins hands down, so thats a perfect match :-D

KidMakeshift3834d ago

If you mean the american Tales of Destiny 2, which is actually Tales of Eternia, then I recommend importing the PSP remake that was only released in Japan and Europe.

ceedubya93834d ago

This is an RPG. I doubt that you'll need anything more than a stick and a couple of face buttons to play. This probably won't have any complicated inputs that would make a controller preference an issue.

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ThaGeNeCySt3834d ago

another good title for 2008.