Does the PS4 need to release in 2013?

Gimme Gimme Games writes that even though they want to see the next Playstation release during 2013 that it may not be so bad if we have to wait until 2014.

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SynGamer1960d ago

The PS4 NEEDS to launch the same year the 360 launches, simple as that. More importantly, the price needs to be reasonable. $399 would be an ideal max, but we'll see where Sony comes in at.

Bottom-line, all signs point to the next Xbox coming out in 2013, and that is what Sony should be aiming for as well. Even if we don't "need" these new consoles, the industry has clearly spoken out on the matter and are not hiding the facts that they are working on next-gen. Some going as far as to speculate/request X features and specs be included if possible. It's going to happen and 2013 seems as good of a time as any.

LOGICWINS1959d ago

"The PS4 NEEDS to launch the same year launches, simple as that."

Won't happen.

Aussiegamer1959d ago

Do you own a crystal ball?

Hicken1959d ago

Why not? Chances are good that the PS4 will be coming out next year; similar hints indicate that the 360's successor will be out next year, as well. I think we're likely to see them both release in the Fall/Winter of next year.

LOGICWINS1959d ago

@Aussie- Yes, several actually.

@Hicken- Sony will need to wait for the price of hardware parts to drop in order to avoid launching at an expensive price point. That takes time. Sony doesn't need to launch with or before the 720 to be successful. By that logic, the PS4/720 already lost this gen to the Wii U.

Pillsbury11959d ago

Logic is right those that want a ps4 will get a ps4 regardless of whether it launches after 720. I know I will.

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Muerte24941959d ago

statement actually makes a hell of alot of sense. Problem is manufacturing costs usually takes about a year or two to reduce. I don't think Sony has the luxury of waiting that long. I'm actually more concerned about the interface of the next Playstation console (not in a bad way). We already know Microsoft going to probably have a "voice command feature" to go along with the next xbox interface (Kinect built in). I hoping Sony follows more along the lines of Google Now. Regardless of when it launches, we're definitely going to hear confirmation of it in 2013.

SynGamer1959d ago

If I go to Newegg right now, you cna get the following:

AMD A10-5700 Trinity 3.4GHz 65W Quad-Core Desktop APU (CPU + GPU) with DirectX 11 and AMD Radeon HD 7660D for $127

LG Electronics Blu-ray Disc Combo Internal SATA 12X Lightscribe with 3D Play Back for $50

CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 for $42.

So far the total is $219. Obviously we still need a Power Supply (~$30) and Motherboard (~50?, depends on arrangement of components), and these prices aren't wholesale prices either, so expect a generous discount since this will be produced in quantities of 100,000's.

My point is simply that we can get some respectable specs/performance gains over the PS3/360 and keep the price under $400/450. I still feel Sony will sell the PS4 at a loss when it launches, but we're talking a very small loss, one that can be made up by the sale of 1 or 2 games...

Bowzabub1959d ago

My guess is it will release 3rd quarter '13 in Japan, 1st quarter '14 in North America.

DarkBlood1959d ago

so early 2014? if im reading that right anyways

H4all1959d ago

2014 we have number 4...
maybe and just maybe again...
like PSP2 rumors and photo leaks..
its not the same... when NGP out then sony put name as PSVITA..
so wait...

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