Wii U Haters Sound Like Curmudgeonly Old Coots

Obviously, people aren't exactly getting their facts straight about Nintendo's newest console.

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chadboban1954d ago

Don't get why we can't put petty fanboyism aside and just enjoy video games. Seriously, console wars are the equivalent of kids in the playground arguing over who has the better toy.

BlackWolf1954d ago

The problem is that there are people that can't think in a mature way. They only live with what their respective "god company" tells them, be it nintendo, sony or microsoft. That way, they don't see anything wrong with their "god", and bash anything the others do, no matter if it's a good or a bad thing. It's a lack of maturity in my opinion, both in relatively young gamers and inmature grown ups.

chadboban1954d ago

Couldn't agree with you more.

darthv721954d ago

of gaming in general. Have been since pong. i've seen the good and bad in people who pick sides. Especially those who pick the wrong side.

Yet there is no right or wrong side if you really think about it. There is either you got the same system as your friends or you didnt but that doesnt make you any less of a person that enjoys games.

In fact, i may start off a console generation with 1 system but by the end i have all of them. i can respect a person's choice to only play the one they like so long as they can respect mine in playing the field.

Games are meant to be fun but there are just too many out there that have more fun belittling those who dont share the same POV.

guitarded771954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

The crappy thing is there are crazy hater anti-fans who will nitpick every little thing about a system without even trying it, and there are also the "defenders" (crazy zealot fans) who will never be critical over real issues.

They both suck; gamers should be open minded enough to try just about anything, and wise enough to be critical when a company does nothing more than cash by doing something not in the better interest of us (the gamers).

I got my Wii U day one and I really enjoy it. At the same time, I have put pressure on Nintendo to add a trophy/achievement system by creating a petition. I've finally received a non-typical-PR e-mail from Nintendo thanking me for providing many reasons to add a system and that they are seriously considering the option.

I was open minded enough to try the Wii U without worrying about specs and what not, but I was also constructively critical not just in forums, but to Nintendo themselves, and I'm seriously hoping they will take that constructive criticism and make their system better.

The "defenders" are worse than the haters IMO because they stagnate the growth of gaming by being complacent. The haters don't matter anyway because they aren't even going to buy the product.

1954d ago
MikeMyers1954d ago

There's a difference between wanting a product to do better and things improving because you may be a potential customer, as opposed to those who have nothing better to do than troll articles or continually having a negative outlook with no intentions of ever supporting that product or in extreme cases any product that company puts out.

I want the Wii U to so well. I think it's an interesting concept. It's just too early for me until it gets more games I'm interested in.

N4g_null1954d ago

I would hope you could opt out of a troPhie system. It kills replay for game designers since they can phone it in. I like being able to leave your mark while some one else is playing.

I've seen lots of gamers stop playing because they only had trophies and no real satisfying moments in these games.

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corrus1954d ago

I am not fanboy i like and 360,PS3 don't like only Nintendo

BlackWolf1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I wasn't talking about you, I suppose... Now, if the hat fits you, good for you.

ronin4life1954d ago

Swap Nintendo and Sony in your statement and you have me (In a nutshell...)

But that doesn't mean I won't give Sony props for doing good or will always blast them blindly for nothing... I just don't like them that much really...

Phil321954d ago

I don't understand why you got disagrees for that comment. It's spot on. Nicely said.

A lot of people here and on the Internet would rather play fanboy/console wars than play actual video games. It's a juvenile hobby that will stay that way until gamers grow up.

eferreira1954d ago

Some wii u hate isn't just fanboys. I'm getting one for xmas but some of the specs, launch apps and overall OS got me upset because they aren't thinking. I am a Nintendo fans, but even fans get fed up.

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BlackWolf1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

These is the reality we have. Why do we have to destroy each other in a senseless war? And for games? That's just immature. You like games? Good. As far as I know, that's all what should matter.

1upgamer991954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I frankly really LOVED Gamecube, too many people dismissed it. It had 2X the power of PS2, much better graphics,(Oh but graphics don't much matter to a true gamer) tons of NINTENDO ONLY content, and that includes M for Mature. AAA games, that most people who bash Nintendo HAVE NEVER EVEN PLAYED. Now that said, Wii Was cool and all, BUT Nintendo should have made it,at least a little more powerful. Now, Wii U. The Graphics saturation point has ALMOST been reached. I mean look at games running on current gen systems. Nintendo, like it or not people is at least 25% or better (Newer tech, and if you don't understand that LOOK IT UP) more powerful than what PS3 is and it sells for around the same price. What I am MOST looking forward to is what Nintendo does with that added power. The next Zelda is the most Expensive game Nintendo has ever made. Graphics don't cost more now than then, in fact N64 cost many times more to develop for than PS1. Now Nintendo is on track to develop one of the BEST and biggest games ever.

stragomccloud1954d ago

Darn good read. Too bad the people who should be reading this probably won't.

-GametimeUK-1954d ago

All haters are idiots. Then again, people who can't accept the fact people have negative criticism about things are also tools.

Its just the way of life.

millzy1021954d ago

in order to criticise you have to try, if someone tries something and doesnt like it with reasons why thats fare enough everyone cant like the same thing but if you hate something by looking at pictures and reading articles thats not criticism but hate.

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