Ratchet and Cranky: Insomniac responds to claims that Fuse is "too serious"

In September this year, Insomniac re-announced its campy retro-styled spy thriller Overstrike as the mildly irreverent, but far more Gears-ish Fuse - and lo, a great hue and cry went up on the internet, as studio fans laid into another outbreak of the industry's lingering case of Action Man syndrome. Speaking to OXM last week, Insomniac president Ted Price has explained the decision to dial down the whimsy, arguing that the characters were hard to engage with in their original form.

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Jinkies1990d ago


More crap EA has probably told them to say

sjaakiejj1990d ago

EA doesn't need to pay Insomniac for them to make generic looking games. They can do that perfectly fine without EA's help.

Drainage1990d ago

screw off. that game was fun, had lots of original weapons, and unique MP ideas were present.

sjaakiejj1990d ago

Never said the game _was_ generic, I said it _looked_ generic. There's a distinct difference between the two, and we don't currently know if Fuse _is_ generic because we haven't played it yet.

e-p-ayeaH1990d ago

If its something around Spec Ops the Line i would be surprised.

RuleofOne343 1990d ago

I like the new look, looks more serious than a bubbly cartoon. JMO

dgonza401990d ago

There are enough serious shooters.. I'd like something with more humor

RuleofOne343 1990d ago

Just cause it's looks make it seem much more serious looking, it does not take way from it having toilet humor or funny one liners .

soundslike1990d ago

You can answer almost any statement he makes with "but borderlands 2"

MilkMan1990d ago

Who cares if the game is "to serious"
Is the game bad ass?
Cause if it is, then let's pre-order right now.

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