GDC '08: GameSpot's Bionic Commando Rearmed Hands-On

Everything about this remake looks faithful to the original, from the numbered world map to the visual aesthetics and layout of the levels. In the communication centers -- where you contact your agents deep in the field -- you'll see newly drawn 2D portraits of the soldiers you're talking to, just like in the NES version. Even the arm-swinging physics feel right on point, so if the timings involved in swinging from lamppost to lamppost are permanently imprinted on your neural pathways (as they are with any BC fan worth his or her salt, let's face it), you'll be able to jump right in here and start fighting back against the Imperials in no time. There's one new arm-related move called the side swing, which lets you grab a grapple point directly in front of you while falling to get some extra distance out of your swing.

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