Nintendo Land Was Originally Going To Feature Star Fox And Excitebike

In this week's issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, the developers behind the Wii U title Nintendo Land have spoken about its creation in a roundtable interview. Interestingly, they revealed that ideas for potential mini-game settings had to be put aside as development progressed.

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OneAboveAll1955d ago

Should of had some Kirby.

1955d ago
MegaLagann1955d ago

There was going to be a Star Fox minigame, and they scrapped it? *Shakes fist wildly* NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

camel_toad1955d ago

Yeh Starfox would have fit perfectly in it.

guitarded771955d ago

Could have replaced Yoshi's Fruit Cart... it's the low point of Nintendo Land. And Excitebike could have replaced the dancing octopus game.

Kingthrash3601955d ago

Well then somebody dropped the ball....seems to be a new trend in the business of gaming, constant ball dropping.

camel_toad1955d ago

Ball dropping is at least good for the sperm count.

Hicken1955d ago

Excitebike would have had me excited.

camel_toad1955d ago

I don't get it... Wait... I get it!

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The story is too old to be commented.