UT3 mods: no headway for X360, Sony to see 'improvements'

In an interview with Joystiq, Epic Games' VP Mark Rein told them that there's no progress with Microsoft on making UT3 mods work with Xbox Live. One would think Microsoft would be more open to community content given the recent Xbox Live Community announcement, but Rein noted that the system is different. Rein said the Xbox 360 version has no set release date.

Conversely, Rein did acknowledge the current PS3 mod system is less than stellar and told Joystiq to expect improvements coming soon.

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Anything but Cute3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

that's what I like to hear.

solidt123831d ago

yeah improve the mod system. I can't believe they still can't get mods on the xbox 360

masterg3830d ago

Epic learned the release data is REALLY important with the last december release on the PS3.

I'm sure they take no changes with the 360 version.
A couple of months before Gears seems like the best time.

MikeGdaGod3830d ago

i just traded UT3 for NBA2K8. UT3 was cool but i couldn't get into it with no serious single player mode. but i wanted to support the devs for making mods possibe on consoles so i'm not bothered.

Blackmoses3831d ago

and now two weeks afterwards....
I'm ready to go at it again. This is absolute perfection. I've always loved this series and to play on my 60" at 720p...

...makes me wanna cry everytime it boots up!

Bleucrunch3830d ago

me too bro meeeee too. I just wished I knew how to the fix those server issues. I always get kicked off.

TheHater3831d ago

That sucks that MS isn't allow the 360 users to experience the mods in their game. I think the reason why is because MS will not be making any money from it. Remember, they charge people for Gears of War contents which was suppose to be Free from Epic. But MS charged us for that.

BloodySinner3831d ago

...what "TheHater" isn't telling you is that those maps became free a few months later.

TheHater3831d ago

I agree that those Maps became free after several months. But wasn't those maps suppose to be free from the begin? yes or no?

Panthers3831d ago

Epic was upset that they were forced to charge for a while. I find it funny that the people most eager for the product are the ones who get screwed over the most. This is the case with everything, even PS3 and Blu-Ray (not nearly as much as HDDVD though LOL)

barom3831d ago

Actually in the case of PS3, you got PS2 backwards compatibility. I'm guessing you might refer to the price drops but I think that's something everyone takes into consideration when buying a product. Everything falls in price.

Now if you said PSP I would agree. Not having a big feat like Skype is a big letdown for those early adopters.

RJ20003830d ago

M$ dont' give anything away free....

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InYourMom3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

You are so tight you can stick a piece of coal up your arse and make a diamond!

They really need to allow this user generated content, it's almost embarrassing to go back and listen to their 360 launch speeches talking about all this share experience/shared content. Then the competition comes along with not even 1/2 the online experience and makes it happen.

It's too late for this game to have any real impact on the 360 now anyway.. Might as well keep it and focus on Gears 2. I own UT3 on my PS3 and it's the first game I consider trading in, it just get's boring like that.