Nintendo 3DS passes PS3 lifetime sales in Japan

The Nintendo 3DS has officially passed the PS3 in sales in Japan. The 3DS sits at 8.7 million units while the PS3 is at 8.5 million.

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XabiDaChosenOne1961d ago

Holy sh****t that was fast!!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1961d ago

impressive but not surprising. Handhelds are far more demanded than consoles in Japan, and Sony's largest market is Europe(which, in case you've been wondering, is why they've been getting all the collector's editions and better ps plus updates recently).

Wonder what all those people who said the handheld market would die this year are saying now.

Chrono1961d ago

Monster Hunter + Dragon Quest + Mario = insane sales in Japan

MikeMyers1961d ago

How many Wii's and PS2's sold in 6 years compared to the PS3? I won't even bother asking about the Xbox or Xbox 360.

Yangus1960d ago


Dragon Quest VII remake and Monster Hunter 4 coming 2013 Q1.