CheatCC Preview: The Outsider - Frontier Developments Makes Big Promises for The Outsider

CheatCC writes: "As of right now The Outsider has yet to sign up with a publisher, though developer Frontier Developments has released a visually impressive trailer recently that shows what they've got planned for 2009. With plot details also released by Frontier, this is said to be one of the most inventive and intelligent next-gen games in the works. Frontier is owned by David Braben who brought us the classic game Elite. The Outsider is anticipated to have the same kind of freedom of action as Elite, but of course much more updated. More than false promises, Frontier is hyping this game up to be like nothing we have seen before, as the player will have genuine freedom the change the storyline and outcome as you play. Frontier plans this to be a revolutionary, free-roaming game that will change the action adventure genre as we know it, as well as live to the full potential of what a next-gen game should be. "

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