Fable 2 is All About Family and Money

Peter Molyneux doesn't want you to replay Fable 2.

The game's main story will only take you about 12 hours or so to complete, but he wants you to keep playing long after you've completed your final heroic deed, and he's perfectly willing to rely on your natural tendency toward greed and guilt to get you to do it.

"Do you care about your family? Do you care about money? Because if you're going to rush through this game, then you're not going to be getting married, you're not going to have dependents that need you to earn money for them."

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Stubacca3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

It's like, the more I hear about this game the less interesting it sounds.

I was really thinking I might get a 360 for this but now the only thing to have me spending good money on faulty hardware would be if that exclusive GTA content redifined modern gaming.


shizball3683d ago

... what kind of end game content they will have to keep the players wanting to play more. I don't want to have to run tedious tasks as in harvest moon to maintain my family and farm.

FCOLitsjustagame3683d ago

12 hours?
There better be a whole heck of a lot more to do after you finish this game then there was to do after Fable 1. I mean I am OK with a bit of domestication as long as I can go out and take out bandits and do quest once in a while. If all I am going to do is play minigames and family then I will quickly move onto other games.

tgh machines3683d ago

its what you do before you finish the game. Its 12 hours if you don't spend any time doing a job, making a family, exterminating cities in co-op (hehe), and doing side quests. That will take up ALOT of time.

pkb793683d ago

I play games to escape my adult responsibilities for a bit. I don't want to play them in a game. What is this Sim Barbarian?

Dr Pepper3683d ago

Then don't have a family in the game.

cherrypie3683d ago


These guys are stuck in last gen gaming. Have you been watching about what kind of game Fable 2 is?

Its like no RPG ever. The purpose isnt about playing it "straight".

You're using *last-gen* ideas when they dont belong. Fable 2 is the first new-RPG. That is what the game is about. New ways to play an RPG.

Not about chasing down keys and bringing widgets back to bar-keeps.

003683d ago

just use my money to buy my self a family....then I'll kill them.

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The story is too old to be commented.