The Last of Us: Naughty Dog flat-out refused to put Ellie on back of the box art

GC: Naughty Dog has once again shown why they are treated with such respect around the gaming world.

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jc485731986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

a big fat slap to mika from all women

SilentNegotiator1985d ago

"instantly turned off" if see a girl? LAWL

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medziarz1985d ago

so then hating on a person with a different opinion aside, why was ND pressured to change the cover?
is Mr Shuhei Yoshida sexist or has he been reading the statistics? ;P

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1986d ago

That was completely disrespectful to Ken Levine. They have 100% faith in Elizabeth

BanBrother1985d ago

It did come across as a bit disrespectful. More like differing opinions. I respect both Irrational and Naughty Dogs position.

At then end of the day, 2K are a big publisher, just like EA,ACTI,UBI etc, so they (Irrational) have less of a opinion on what should go on the cover. Sony usually let the developers decide (thankfully), so now we get to see one of the main characters (Ellie) on the front.

I didn't hate the cover for Infinite, it looked nice. It's just the fact that they don't have the character who looks to be the main focus of the game (you are trying to save her).

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1985d ago

I understand why people were upset with the Bioshock Infinite cover because of the cliched one man with a gun picture but lets all be honest here, it was the best damn picture of a guy with a gun ive ever seen lol. But at the end of the day its just a fucking cover right? The game will speak for itself

BinaryMind1985d ago

I thought girls with huge tits sold games though. And that's certainly an area not lacking in Elizabeth.

portal_21986d ago

As a male if think box art is great. Anyone put off from purchasing it because of the box art is just ridiculous. Some people have got no protocol. I was hyped for a certain game a while ago, and wen I got it in my hands I wanted all the more:

IIC0mPLeXII1986d ago

Yet multiplayer is in the game.....

sjaakiejj1986d ago

You know nothing about it and already assume that multiplayer is in it for appeal?

It's perfectly possible that Naughty Dog just came up with an idea they thought worked really well in a multiplayer environment.

IIC0mPLeXII1986d ago

You played one tacked on mp you've played them all, im personally disappointed in Naughty Dog for falling into the trick bag. Better get ready to call in my pave low to take out the other team of Joel's in team deathmatch.

d0nT wOrrY1986d ago

So? you're complaining about something haven't even seen yet. *Sigh* Give it a chance at least! It's Naughty Dog after all. Plus, they've stated that the MP is being developed by another team at the SAME time. So please, just shut up already.

JKelloggs1986d ago

A completely separate team is working on MP. Also, we haven't saw any MP footage, or the final build of the game, so don't knock what you haven't tried.

sjaakiejj1986d ago

But that's exactly what I commented on - you're claiming Multiplayer is tacked on without ever having seen it, or even knowing what it's going to be like. There may very well be creative reasons for having Multiplayer in the Last of Us.

IIC0mPLeXII1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

The game is clearly story driven with two main characters, herp derp, its going to be coop or some dumbass competitive mode. Just like how they are fucking dead space up.

sjaakiejj1986d ago

That's nothing but speculation on your part. There's other forms of Multiplayer than generic co-op and competitive modes. Give the idea a chance, and if it does end up being generic multiplayer, then by all means complain about it.

But don't complain about something you know nothing about.

garos821985d ago

Multiplayer on uncharted 2 and 3 were extremely fun.I have no idea why people have become so anti multiplayer in gaming.
The multiplayer co-op levels where for of the best I've had this gen as well as the 3vs3.
I'm glad naughty dog doesn't listen to morons like complex otherwise we might get a cluster f### of a game

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