1UP previews Postal 3

Violent games are getting beat to death in the media right now, but that's not stopping developer Running With Scissors from making Postal III bloody good. In case you're not familiar with this cult PC series, Postal follows a carnage-crazed teenager deemed "The Postal Dude" who raises hell for, well, the hell of it. While the last game in the series was a first-person shooter, Postal III is now a third-person action game built on Half-Life 2's Source Engine. Longtime fans may be disappointed they can't mow down fatties with a cat-silenced machine gun, but the developers think the switch to third-person will allow the player to get know the Postal Dude better. Well, if that's even possible.

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Kakkoii3830d ago

Wow, I didn't even know the third was coming out so soon.

Thanks for posting this. I look forward to playing this one!