Most of Early 2013’s Biggest Games Seem to Be Skipping Wii U

Kotaku - After a Wii U launch that was full of ports of big games from big game companies, it appears that the winter and spring will see the Wii U missing out on most of the major games coming to its rival consoles.

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NYC_Gamer1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

A lot of the games were already in production for current platforms...I doubt many studios will stop in the middle of everything just to announce/start working on a Wii-U version.

solidt121991d ago

I agree with NYC_Gamer and I also think that third parties will not support Wii U once the PS4 and Nextbox comes out. Unfortunately I think it will be the same situation that the Wii was in. I own a Wii U but I think it will only be a 1st party machine this gen and will not be anyway near as successful as the original Wii.

Sp1d3ynut1991d ago

LOL...yeah, that's the obvious reason, based purely on logic and common sense...but you have to consider the site that wrote this article. Kotaku is the Bizarro World to responsible journalism.

1upgamer991991d ago

I, know that Crytek is working on something for Wii U, but not Crysis 3, there are a ton of games that are in the works for Wii U, and some are exclusives. So I for one am not worried. I am most looking forward to Alien Colonial Feb12th, its on all platforms, but Gearbox says Wii U is the best Version. I have PS3, PC, and Wii U, but will pick this up on Wii U for sure.

ahronith1991d ago

Hmmm, in that article you posted it mentions the game coming out in feb. but also says the Wii U version would be available in the launch window between nov. and march..does this mean a possible earlier release for us Wii U owners?

ozzywazzy1991d ago

Really? That's the best you could do? Looks like your grasping at straws there mate.

"a crytek game"

"a multi plat"

"and ton of games"

1upgamer991991d ago

Do your own search on Official Wii U games coming out. I already know what they are.

corrus1991d ago

Oh stop with this stupid articles that guy lie and only liking Nintendo's... when the game come out we'll see and by the way that game have old graphic from maybe game from 2006

Sp1d3ynut1991d ago

I can't read 1upgamer99's comment without sounding like Captain James T. Kirk. -_-

stuntman_mike1991d ago

lol..I'm a doctor not a pool man jim!!

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cleft51991d ago

Not really surprising considering it takes time to make games for a new console. Nintendo was fairly hush hush about their console and how it worked, so it isn't surprising to see these titles not hit the WiiU right off.

DaPrintz1991d ago

Hah, they announced 2 E3s ago. There is no excuse for 3rd party nonexistence.

cleft51991d ago

There is 3rd party support right now for the WiiU. But the other titles mentioned here have been in development for years for the current consoles. And even when the system was announced Nintendo only sent out development kits to trusted third parties. On top of that, a lot of these companies are not going to invest heavily in the WiiU until they are sure that their games will sell on a Nintendo platform.

It's sad, but the reality is that we aren't going to see major support for the WiiU until late next year and even then there will be more announcements than actual games. Right now Nintendo is doing what they need to do to support their current third party developers, which is not talk about any major first party titles. Only time will tell if they succeed and we see major third party support on the WiiU.

Dark111991d ago

and that is why , i don't buy a new console from day 1

when Bayonetta 2 and few RPG's get released on the wii U .. then i will think of getting one.

cleft51991d ago

Definitely wait until there is enough titles to convince you that the WiiU is a good purchase. I brought my ps3 when it dropped to $300 and had a bunch of good games and I got my 360 about 2 years ago when the new slim models came out. Nothing wrong with being careful how you spend your money.

Trago13371991d ago

Considering that the 360 and ps3 didn't get ports of big games from the ps2/xbox in their launch windows, this doesn't come as a big surprise.

However, there is a separate company porting a game from Square enix, i'm suspecting it's Tomb Raider, so Wii U owners have that to look forward to.

Let's hope that by the next year, the Wii U will get more third party games come to the system.

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