Japanese chart: Yakuza 5 Outsells Wii U Launch Games The PS3 exclusive sold 357,000 copies, which was more than the combined total of the top three Wii U launch games.

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GreenRanger1927d ago

The Wii U leads the weekly hardware sales with 308,142 units sold.

Ares901927d ago

Good for Nintendo and good for Sony.

yoshiroaka1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Brother is that you?

I think my avatar needs updating -_-

Hope Yakuza 5 gets a NA release date soon.

ABizzel11926d ago


Likely March 2013. By the way has the Yakuza HD Collection come out yet?

Ares901926d ago

lol, I don't own this pic. I just loved the first Max Payne.

Vandamme211927d ago

That's impressive..I hope it comes Y5 comes to the US next year.

SoapShoes1927d ago

Did anyone think this was not going to happen? Yakuza always sells a ton and boosts hardware sells as well. I hope it comes to the US as well!

wishingW3L1927d ago

Yakuza 5 sold more than Mario and Monster Hunter combined. I think this should be enough for Capcom to re-think their approach. If Monster Hunter 3 would have stayed on the PS3 it would have sold so much more than the mere million it sold on the Wii.

Hicken1926d ago

I think they saw the huge numbers of Wiis out there and thought they could capitalize on it, but didn't consider that many of those who would buy it had not bought a Wii.

Qrphe1926d ago

It probably wouldnt have. The HD remake didnt sell millions in the PS3 neither.

Knushwood Butt1926d ago

To be fair,

1) Nearly every man and his dog had MH3 on the PSP

2) The PS3 version was a lazy PSP port that got slammed by practically everyone

Knushwood Butt1926d ago

This is so true.

That BS Capcom came out with at the time (high dev costs so they moved to the Wii) was a joke. Nintendo paid them off.

DigitalAnalog1925d ago

No. CAPCOM is simply run by knuckleheads that is plaguing the game industry that believes in the "I-don't-cater-to-the -fans-but-I-like-the-bigger-mar ket" approach. In other words, the same idiots that believes the smartphone industry would kill the core gaming industry.

Knushwood Butt1924d ago

@ Digital

I agree with what you are saying but I don't think it's true in the case of Monster Hunter Tri.

Capcom had already had several sales failures on the Wii and knew that it wasn't the market for their games. They took a big wad of cash from Nintendo to keep that game on Nintendo platforms. That's why the 3DS got the follow up and the Wii U got the port of that.

mafiahajeri1927d ago

I guess Yakuza Muscled its way to the top ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.