Wii U Internet Connection Fix

Having problems connecting your Wii U to the Internet? Here is a solution for you!

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Neonridr1770d ago

my solution was to go out to Best Buy and buy a $10 Wii USB LAN Adapter made by Rocketfish. It works on the Wii U and now I get a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

Problem solved.. :P

bsjkupo1770d ago

That is also a solution, but this one doesn't cost you anything! xD

Neonridr1770d ago

I know, but I prefer a wired connection anyways. Less chance of drops or interruptions.

cl19831769d ago

Why didn't you just use the one from your wii?

Neonridr1769d ago

I didn't have a wired connection for my Wii. The Wii doesn't come with one. But the one you can buy for the Wii (the one I mentioned above) works with the Wii U. There currently doesn't exist a Wii U USB LAN adapter, but the one for the Wii works just fine with the Wii U.