GDC '08: GameSpot's Ninja Gaiden II Impressions

Earlier today, during Microsoft's GDC '08 keynote, Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki took to the stage to prove to conference attendees that game development in Japan is as vibrant as ever. GameSpot were treated to a quite lengthy demo Ninja Gaiden II that took place in a previously unseen level, titled The Temple of Sacrifice.

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pwnmaster30003803d ago

this is game is goin to make me turn on my 360 so is that other game forgot wat it is called

InYourMom3803d ago

I'm still waiting for something to turn my PS3 own for.. well their maybe that one game but I forgot the name of it.. or was that a movie? hrm..

pwnmaster30003803d ago

u sound mad 360 red ring on u its ok i kno how u fell mine broke three time and i got it on november 07. ay atleast we have movie ur hd-dvd is dead awww u still butthurt over dat its ko atleast u got a ps3 so u can get all those wonderful and various of game that ps3 has which 360 failed in that to

Method3803d ago

Sorry I don't speak retard, could you translate that to english?

candystop3803d ago

My 360 broke down and my brother had a PS3 with just about everygame! While waiting for the return he traded in his PS3 for an Elite because he was bored as hell with it! The 360 is just a better machine for gaming and now with Gears 2 fable and NG being shown I really dont see Sony's show being that great because we already know just about every game they have coming this year unlike 360! Don't you think it's funny how Sony shined thes last couple months and now MS is just going to shut them down again! It must suck to be a PS3 owner because you constantly have to defend it and keep telling yourself you believe in good old Sony lol!

pwnmaster30003803d ago


naw not reaaly candy is just fun messing with u xbots u have a fuked up console but still u say is better and im dam sure ur brother sold his ps3 with every game, he probably sold it wen elite came out or he probably didnt sell it at all or had one u fukin lier

Method wat r u fukin retarded all right here ill help
u means you
ko means cool
kno means know
dats mean thats

does that help ur little brain to read it better u freakin idiot

Method3803d ago

No, it doesn't help at all; you're still talking like a retard.

Wait a minute... are you a retard? Looks like my guess was spot on.

pwnmaster30003803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

wow ur a fukin idiot with all that u still dont get wat a fuking idiot i think ur ass need special treatment

not really n4user i got mine november 07 its still brand new red ring 3 times

wow4u3803d ago


The *REALITY* is that the heat failures are only happen to older boxes. And that they dont fail as much as you PS3 fans wish.

Thats reality.

Method3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I need treatment? No kid. You're the only one here that needs help, and believe me; you need alot of it.

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boodybandit3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

to be bloody good game!

I wonder if it's going to be as hard as the last one. Someof my friends complained that the game was too hard for them even on normal. I actually enjoyed the challenge but at times I got a little frustrated myself with some of the boss fights. I can't wait to see for myself how it will pan out.

shizball3803d ago

I also like the difficult in these games. It is rare to see a game that actually challenges you.

texism3803d ago

Oh my, it is a LOT harder. Have you seen the video up on XBOX live? It's INSANE! There's just so much sh!t going on. There are dudes with chainsaws and cannons for arms. It's that badass! I can't wait for June. Oh yeah, and apparently there should be a demo out in a few days.

Keowrath3803d ago

I heard that they were going to dumb down the difficulty to make it more accesable to the more casual audience pretty much like they did with DMC4. Hopefully though the insane modes will still be intact for those of us who like a challenge.

BloodySinner3803d ago

This game better be 5x more harder than the original. I cannot wait for this title.

ps3king3803d ago

Ninja gaiden 2 will be amazing. I loved the original on xbox. I didn't finish it because I sucked really badly. But I will definitely be buying this one. Hardest game I've ever played.

wow4u3803d ago

I didnt play the first game, because I had a PS2 (actually, i had two because the first one broke...), but now that I have my Xbox 360, im going to buy this game on Xbox Originals.

Keowrath3803d ago

n4user1, I highly recommend picking the original up. It's still one of the best and most difficult action games to date and personally I had a great feeling of accomplishment beating the harder difficulties. The story isn't up to much but the action is awesome.

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