Crysis 3 Needed To Be Next-Gen Release We are currently being lead to believe next years eagerly anticipated release of Crysis 3 has ventured to the boundaries and the limitations of the current consoles with nothing left to spare. Nevertheless, if this is the case, many gamers will be wondering whether this title should have been made for the next generation systems, considering the Crytek CEO has commented on how they have maxed out the current consoles.

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000011828d ago

im sure it'll appear as a launch title on the next microsoft and sony system as well. most of the wii u's launch line up was made up of third party titles that were hits in 2012, so im sure these new systems will follow.

REDGUM1827d ago

As naughty Dog said after U2, we've maxed out the PS3, then found more potential to release U3 and again with The Last Of Us. It comes down to smart programming I recon.
I'm sure, if they ever release Crysis 4 that (theoretically), it could run on a PS3 if programmed right.
Either way & either console I'll probably pick up a copy and give it a bash.

Twignberries1827d ago

Yeah it will definitely run on a ps3... it'll run like shit. Sub hd and poor AA, even the last of us will be let down by these same issues. As is uncharted 3

Ezz20131827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

uncharted 3 run like shit and was sub hd with poor AA ?!
what the ...?!O_O
did you even played the game ??

i'm pc gamer 1st and ps3 gamer 2nd
but i really hate pc elittes like you who think every console game is sub hd and ugly

Twignberries1827d ago

@up2013 Yes I have played it actually and it IS actually sub hd literally.. You clearly have a shit pc and monitor if you can't see that. Uncharted 3 runs natively at 720p which to my standards, in fact HD STANDARDS is yes, you guessed it SUB HD (hd is at least native 1920x1080). And as for AA, holy shit do you even know what jaggies are? Try playing AC3 on pc maxed at 2560x1440 with full TXAA enabled THEN come back to me and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about haha!

Ezz20131827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )


your opinion does not equal facts
your standards don't mean sh1t to me since it's not a fact

yeah i have a shit pc with
ATI HD 7670 with 2GB dedicated VRAM
6 GB ram
52 LCD LG monitor ...and that's a shity pc to your standards...right ?!

and i have ps3 Fat 500GB

i have played and finished every games that come out for pc on DX11 MAX setting
and yet my jaw dropped while playing uncharted 3
the game is just beautiful
FACT IS: the game IS HD...with 30Fps locked
there is a reason why it won so many gfx awards in 2011
(and yes i know those awards don't count pc)
and the last of us look even better

as for the jaggies
yes there is jaggies but not as much as you trying to say

i don't think you even played the game
because what you said is just wrong

digital foundry vs uncharted 3

Twignberries1827d ago

UNCHARTED 3 DOES NOT RUN AT NATIVE 1080P... FACT.. if you notice when the game starts up the display reverts itself to 1280x720. Anyone who disagrees: A. In denial
B. Knows very little about current computer/technology in general
C. Doesn't notice the difference

If it's C. then that's all good mate, I'm happy for you. I on the other hand unfortunately DO notice the vast difference

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AO1JMM1827d ago

PC version....


GraveLord1827d ago

Convenience, Comfort, Accessibility > PC Gaming

(Before you disagree, I'll let you know I own a gaming PC so I speak from experience. Don't bother bubbling me down. I'm already at 1 bubble.(and proud of it))

sak5001827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )


Agreed 100% +bubbs well said. Myself have a gaming pc but prefer relaxed, laying on couch and playing on 360 on 50" TV with a controller and not have to fiddle with drivers or settings.

For EA/Crytek to release Crysis 3 on current gen consoles is because of the ROI. They have already developed before on these consoles plus with 70 + million user base for each side why they want to release it on next gen when probably they will sell way less. Simple maths.

solar1827d ago

My rebuttal is those are subjective reasons. As a hardcore PC gamer i have no issues with any of your reasons.

Allsystemgamer1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Yes let's forget the fact that u can plug a controller in and plug ur PC into your tv...........everything you mentioned is more than capable on the PC platform.

As for fiddling with drivers and settings? They're automatic JUST LIKE console updates. Seriously I think some o you are gaming on a PC from 1998...

sak5001827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )


LOL you're right. Been gaming on PCs since 1997. The days of dos games, the irq settings and editing booting script. I jumped from dos to win 3.1 and found amiga 500 by commodore had already done the whole wimp environment in 80s.

Been upgrading my pc since 97 with S3 virge, Voodoo Monster 1mb, Diamond voodoo monster II, witnessed the whole 3DFX and Nvidia graphic wars. Started assembling my own machines and for others as well...My last upgrade was 2 years back.

So got Asus P55D Premium and put an Core i5 760 2.8 quad and overclocked it via my Gigabyte watercooler system to 3.6Ghz.

Also added 2 x 2GB DDR3 clocked at 1700mhz
Have a 128GB SSD as primary O/S and some programs. Rest have 1 x 500gb, 1x250gb and 1x160gb. The Vga's are crossfire linked 2 x ATI 5870x1gb each. But since i dont game on it anymore disabled the crossfire. Ah and also have 1 x 19" sammy widescreen 940BW and 1x MS236H Asus 23" 1080p monitor.

Have Microsoft sidewinder mouse and Razor Lycosa backlit gaming keyboard.

I did play recently on PC batman arkham City using cable xbox360 controller. But it was tiring sitting on the chair. I have already tried my system via hdmi on 50" but again fiddling around with keyboard (non wireless) first on the desk and then moving to couch and then going back and forth.. So what's wrong with just popping in a gamed dvd in 360 and just play and get achievements.. Yes i like chevos i'm about 75K now.

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