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BioShock Infinite's Canned Multiplayer Had 'Unexpected Benefits'

NowGamer: 'Ken Levine might have previously quashed any idea of multiplayer existing in BioShock Infinite but there was a time when it was a real thing.

Speaking to NowGamer, level designer for Irrational Games Shawn Elliott tells us that it was happening, but turned out it just would not have been good enough for BioShock Infinite.' (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

PrivateRyan  +   778d ago
sithsylar  +   777d ago
I get a massive urge to save you
Myst  +   777d ago
camel_toad  +   777d ago
Good (Great) devs like Irrational have high standards so we don't have to have typical tacked on mp like too many games these days.

I'm glad they didn't force mp if it wasn't to their standards.
MasterD919  +   778d ago
Hey, people still play Bioshock 2's multiplayer...

I think it could have been good in Infinite, but no biggie.
Bathyj  +   777d ago
Good for them for not caving in to current trends.
Riderz1337  +   777d ago
I got Bioshock 2 on PS Plus and I tried the multiplayer. I mean it was okay but nothing really special and I feel that the game could have done without it and all those resources could have been spent on going full force with the single player.
konnerbllb  +   777d ago
It was awful. The framerate and hit detection were poor. The weapons didn't feel satisfying and the way the aiming felt was different than singleplayer. It's like another studio did multiplayer.

I commend them for skipping it this time and devoting all development time into single player. That's why we play Bioshock after all.
KwietStorm  +   777d ago
I won't lose any sleep over it.
Hufandpuf  +   777d ago
I feel it's a missed oppurtunity. Imagine two teams, the agents (Booker), vs. the crazed residents from the city. Two Zeppelins which serve as the two teams own base. They must sabotage and destroy the opposing teams zeppelin by infiltrating it. by capturing points across the area you will disable/slow down the zeppelin allowing you to board.

The only way to reach the Zeppelin is to use the rail system and on the rail system, you can smack or shoot opposing players off. Each Zeppelin has 2 cannons faced toward the other side's ship and can wreak havoc by firing artillery on the ground.

Players spawn as classes, but only grunt stage classes at first, when they capture points on the map, they not only slow down the speed of the Zeppelins, but they also alow more classes to be available ie. the handyman or George Washington.

The round is over when one Zeppelin is destroyed, and in order to destroy it, you must plant explosives in the bay of the ship.

The more kills you get the more exp you accumulate allowing you to purchase and upgrade to plasmids during a match (exp does not carry over). For example, you can use Deflect or Catch to stay safe from artillery fire, you can heal teammates etc.

Matches can be played at 6v6, 12 max players.
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s45gr32  +   777d ago
You know that doesn't sound so bad. One question will it had multiple maps and the ability to add traps within the zeppellins?
Hufandpuf  +   777d ago
There will be multiple maps focused on outside areas, the control points will most likely be inside small buildings on the map so the Zeppelins can't spam a point with arty fire. Also with buildings you can have close combat so every engagement won't be medium to long-range.

In terms of traps, there could be a Saboteur class that sets small explosives capable of killing 1 enemy, but also do small (SMALL) splash damage to people around the explosion radius. So for instance a skilled Saboteur can even the playing field by killing one enemy, and the other will have some damage taken so the Saboteur would have an edge in that fight.

Other equiptment the Sab could have are trip wires that stun, not kill; place it between two posts of a door, and an unsuspecting enemy could be stunned in place long enough for the Sab to go for the kill.

Ways to destroy traps are to shoot them with explosive weapons, or (if you don't want to waste ammo) allied Sabs can get close and disable them instantly at no loss.

Another point: Zeppelins are not upgradable, and the cannons can be destoyed. However, cannons also be repaired by Sabs, but repairs long and requires a lot of EXP from killing enemies; capturing control points; healing etc.

side not: EXP carries over even when dead, but not between rounds.

The reason the Zeppelin is not upgradable is because we don't want long drawn out battles, there must be a make-or-break point where both teams have the most powerful tide-turning weapons, but at this point one of those sides is at a major disadvantage in terms of map control or Zeppelin health.

To clearly answer your question, there are no Zeppelin specific traps, but Saboteurs can place traps within the Zeppelin, also note that traps cost chunks of EXP, so the Sab is expected to heal, capture and kill before he is rewarded with the good stuff.
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IIC0mPLeXII  +   777d ago
AusRogo  +   777d ago
Holy shit. That actually sounds pretty good!
bayonetta  +   777d ago
cleft5  +   777d ago
The idea of having multiplayer isn't necessarily a bad thing. In Mass Effect 3, the best part about that game is the mp. The mp is really well done and fun and has it's own elements. I know that people fear that single player will be neglected if a mp component exist, but if the mp is done right it can be an excellent addition.

For instance, I am playing Far Cry 3 now and I love the sp, but the mp is great too. Halo 4 has an excellent sp and an excellent mp. MP isn't evil, it's just that when lazy developers don't put forth the effort to make a great mp that you end up with crap. I am glad that Bioshock Infinite is the way the developer wants it to be, but I would have loved to see a great mp experience from them to go along with an excellent sp.
s45gr32  +   777d ago
For one I am glad that it lacks mp sinc it usually just tacked on. I do want to point out that hufandpuf really brought a great idea for multiplayer for this game .
I am so glad they didn't put multiplayer in this game. Not every game needs it and the people that want it would only use it for about a week and then move onto the next "cool" thing. Had less developers waste their resources on stupid garbage like run of the mill multiplayer modes we would've seen longer and better games, but oh no "CALL OF DUTY IS SELLING TRILLIONS OF COPIES THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO BE JUST LIKE ACTIVISION AND RAKE IN LOADS OF EXTRA CASH BECAUSE WE ARE HUNGRY FOR MONEY MTV GAMERS ARE OURS NOW ACTIVISION GOOD LUCK NOW YOU FOOLS PEW PEW PEW" and then fail miserably at every attempt, pissing off their fans while at it.
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