Top 5 Indie Bundles: Great Games, Awesome Prices, Good Causes

The phenomenon of Indie bundles has really taken off, when plenty of organisations jumping on the bandwagon to put together Indie bundles. Here my selection of the Top 5 Indie Bundles offering great games at great prices.

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PandaMcBearface1990d ago

Pretty good deals imo. I want Worms: Reloaded. Huge fan.

DesVader1990d ago

Ooh, me 2. I love the sense of humour in Worms! Too much lols!!!

schmoe1990d ago

Why are there never any bad games for shitty causes?

DesVader1990d ago

ROFL, I'm not sure that's a never.

caseh1990d ago

Feel like i'm the only person who doesn't like 'Indie Games' at all. I mean, whats the definition of an indie game anyway? Does it need to have a PhD in archeology complete with bullwhip?

MissKitteh1990d ago

Haha, I believe an indie game is a game produced by an individual or small team (usually without a publisher support). I'm a fan, I think it's great that smaller games and companies are getting recognized.

DesVader1990d ago

Could not agree more!! What's your best indie title to date?