GameAlmighty - Conflict: Denied Ops Review

GameAlmighty's Phillip Radke writes, "So, unsurprisingly, this game is a big flop. There was never much indication that this was going to be any good. What surprises me though, is how much this game makes me want to put down my controller and walk away from my system. You don't feel like playing any sort of game after engaging in this one, which is just a dangerous enough side-effect for me to recommend that you don't even look at the box this game comes in. Just go back and play some more Call of Duty 4, you know you want to."

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STICKzophrenic3716d ago

I don't even know why someone would waste their time and money making such a horrible game.

I will say this though, it was absolutely hilarious to shoot a bench or something else, and see the delay from shooting it to when it breaks. It's just so awful that it made me laugh.

I feel bad for anyone who buys this rubbish.

LevDog3716d ago

What they should of done.. was use the money they were gonna use for this game.. Dony make this game save the money and then put the money together with another projects money.. then you would have 2x the money for one game.. hahahaha