Square Enix teaser counts down to Star Galaxy

The countdown on Square Enix’s teaser site that went up late last week has ended. Unfortunately, most will likely be disappointed with the result.

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Ranma11956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

wow, i expected a mobile game. but they gave us a flash game. who has a countdown for a flash game?

even with lowered expectations square enix still disappoints... not even a mobile game?

so much for star ocean 5 ...

-Mika-1956d ago

Calm down. Just because it a browser game doesn't mean that it going to suck. Crystal saga is an mmo browser game and it amazing. So im not seeing what the big deal is? Star ocean would of been cool but the series is not popular anymore.

Godmars2901956d ago

Quality doesn't really matter.

What does is that someone already pretty much done the exact same thing:

animegamingnerd1956d ago

just defending square enix at this point it's just sad

matrixman921956d ago

I love when Mika comments on something, it is always fully disliked...i look forward to seeing more of your comments on other articles.

blackblades1956d ago

One of the most hated person on this site right here folks, if there was a awards on here she'll win it.

NewMonday1956d ago

thought this was going to be a Sstar Ocean game... dissapinted

RaikRhythm1956d ago

The problem is that they didn't need a count down for a game no one's heard of. Especially when they make it look like Star Ocean, and especially after the The World Ends with You countdown that let down so many people.

shempo1955d ago

mika shut up already every single comment of yours are more retarded one after the other so plz for the sake of it...kindly shut it kkthxbb

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rnmartinez1955d ago

I agree, a bit too much hype for a flashgame, although I must admit I am a bit curious ...

Godmars2901956d ago

"Unfortunately, most will likely be disappointed with the result."

You don't know the current, lowered, expectations of Square fans, do you?

Snookies121956d ago

Yeah, I seriously wasn't expecting ANYTHING good from this. It's extremely rare for SE to do something good these days unfortunately. :\

ozzywazzy1956d ago

The thing is, we all have piss bottom feeding, lowest of the low expectations and somehow square manages to push boundaries and set new standards of disappointment on a daily basis. That in itself is pretty impressive.

chadboban1956d ago

I'm not disappointed at all. Wasn't really expecting much in the first place since the whole The World Ends With You countdown. Square Enix really needs to learn how to use their countdowns more wisely.

Snookies121956d ago

Yeah, a countdown is supposed to be an epic reveal, not some port or random game hardly anyone will even bother with.

godofboobees1956d ago

All faith in square is lost.

rextraordinaire1956d ago

Well, way to get all hyped up for something I'll likely never play. :/

So... Is it naive to still hope for a fifth Star Ocean? A third Valkyrie Profile (Hrist still needs to have her game, no?)? A -true- Front Mission?

Oh Square, oh Enix, what have you become?

Oh well, whatev's. Got some sweet level 5 stuff coming, eh?

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The story is too old to be commented.