Size increase coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

XBox360Fanboy reports with the announcement of the Xbox Live Community Games feature coming to Xbox Live, one of XBox360Fanboy's eagle-eyed X3F soldiers spotted an interesting tidbit while scrolling through the preview content on XBLM.

TriLinea, one of the XNA preview games available to download clocks in at 190MB, 40MB larger than the allowed file size for Xbox Live Arcade titles. While this doesn't prove the size restriction will change, remember Microsoft selected specific titles to preview for this event and over Xbox Live.

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Fishy Fingers3716d ago

Hopefully! wasnt this the problem Capcom were having with SF2T HD? and i really want that.

Cyrus3653716d ago

I could see it being increased slightly, maybe 25 megs more to a total 175?

mintaro3716d ago

it'd be good if they inreased it

thepriest3716d ago

Improvements are always welcome : )