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Rockstar Comments on the $15 Price Tag of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PSN

When the PlayStation Store updated earlier today, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came to the PS2 Classics section. Priced at $15, it rings in at $5 more than any other PS2 Classic (including GTA III) on the PSN.
-PSLS (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PS3)

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alexcosborn  +   839d ago
Quality comes at a price I guess.
-Mika-  +   839d ago
Im basically copy and pasting a comment I wrote in a previous article but take it as a direct reply to yours.

Not at 14.99! I don't like the price they set for this game. I would rather buy the original Mass effect than pay $14.99 for a ps2 game. They're trying to pull a square but unlike SquareEnix. Their games is not worth that premium.
CraigandDayDay  +   839d ago
I'm gonna buy it. I saw it just now on the PS Store. $15 isn't THAT bad, guys. San Andreas was the best (in my opinion) GTA. The next best one is going to be GTA 5. GTA 4 was a huge letdown.

At least they didn't price it at $20. That would've been too far.
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animegamingnerd  +   839d ago
you clearly have never played a rockstar game i am currently playing through san andreas on steam and it is in tie with red dead redemption for my favorite rockstar game this in my top 20 games of all time and also it cost me 15 dollars but i would of gladly pay 60 bucks for it while squaresoft games i would pay 60 dollars for but however i would only play a square enix game if they paid me to for a square enix game
guitarded77  +   839d ago
Here took 2 seconds to find one on eBay with free shipping and a buy it now of $5.50 or best offer.

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trenso1  +   839d ago
all you do is complain i have never seen a positive comment from you once, and San Andreas was a great game one of the best GTA's imo, and i would buy it for $15 if i didn't still have a copy of the game and a ps2 to play it on.
BLuKhaos  +   839d ago
Man $15 for the console versions of SA is a bit too much.
I paid $5 for GTA3,VC and SA on PC a couple of months ago.
That's not just $5 for three games, that's $5 for the best version of those three games.
inveni0  +   839d ago
Vice City was my favorite GTA so far. I tried San Andreas, but the cursing was too much that it became ridiculous. And I don't mind cursing at all. It's not like my objection is based on some form of arbitrary morality. But if that's how people like the characters in GTA:SA talk in real life, then there's a reason I don't hang around people like that. It's obnoxious. I'm not a fan of obnoxious people or games. If GTA:VC was priced at $15, I'd buy.
irepbtown  +   839d ago
I think it'll probably be £10 here in UK, since $15 is something like £9. Which Isn't too bad, that's about the price of an average DLC now a days.

So thinking of it from that perspective, it's not bad pricing.

PS: Not everyone have their PS2's, Like myself... Hence, unfortunately, we can't buy the PS2 version :(
gman_moose  +   839d ago
I don't agree that their game isn't premium. If you compare it to the other crap that's on the PS2 classics section for $10, $15 doesn't look so bad. The problem is the other crap that is $10 setting the bar.

That being said, these games are priced how they are because they know that they can get people to buy them at that price. Some feel it's worth it, while some don't. If any game on PS2 is worth the $15 though, it's this one... if Sony ever releases the Square titles as greatest hits on PS store, you can bet they will be $15 too. Possibly even $20.
RumbleFish  +   838d ago
I bought GTA I, II, III, VC, SA, IV and LCS for 10€ on Steam. That's a good price!
SonyWarrior  +   838d ago
rockstar > squareenix
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Yodagamer  +   838d ago
Sorry mika square soft and rock star are both over pricing their products even though they are good, I could go out and buy the whole PS2 trilogy for $20. I'd pay for it if they actually remade it (like they eventually will on iOS as history tells us for a 1/3 of the price), but they didn't.
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Theangrybogan  +   838d ago
I don't think we're going to agree on anything mika, GTA SA takes a giant dump on anything square or squareenix have ever done. Rockstar consistantly release quality titles, the same cannot be said for SquareEnix. Your comments are always such nonsense I can't tell if you're trolling or not, if u are trolling, you're really good at it.
Merrill  +   839d ago
I would agree if the quality(game) was in HD and with Trophies. $14.99 is an arrogant and insulting price tag for a ps2 classic that they haven't even remastered.

What an EA/Activision move on Rockstars part.
wishingW3L  +   839d ago
and what do you say about the PS1 FF games? They are the most expensive PS1 classics just because they are Final Fantasy. Meanwhile Persona 3, one of the best Jrpg that Japan has a ever produced is only 5 bucks on the PS Store. -__-
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Kamikaze135  +   839d ago
If you want it in HD get it on PC.
1nsaint  +   839d ago
OMG! 5$ more then you expected!!
are you poor or just really greedy?
dbjj12088  +   839d ago
Agreed. It's worth $15 imo.
Veneno  +   839d ago
@ Guitarded

Are you saying that poeple should stop whining about price and find the best deal they can or are you saying Rockstar is pricing SA too high?

I think the price fits the game. I hate GTA4 and wouldnt pay 15 for that garbage, but I whole heartedly believe that San Andreas is a real gaming classic that nobody should miss. It is Rockstars best game. Bully a close second.

And its totally fair to price it at 15. Its the same price digitally at other major locations.
ReservoirDog316  +   839d ago
Except all PS2 PSN games are all $10. Just opens up others to do the same thing. In other words:

MastaPiff  +   839d ago
Is it worth $15 dollars? No doubt about it.
Will I pay $15 dollars for it. Not a f#¢kin' chance.

Every dev. will tell you they need that extra $, but R* gets my $ on every GTA game & any DLC that accompanies it. I still have all my PS2 games (the good ones anyways, including all GTA's) but I wouldn't give R* an extra $5 just because they made a good game.

New game prices are fixed (I thought price fixing is illegal in U.S., I always wondered how the video game industry gets away with this...) so for R* to tax an exta $5 is kinda dirty, besides us fans give R* so much, when do they ever give back??? (No case in saying they make great games, everyone (dev's) is supposed to.)

I wish I could just light my money on fire on the R* altar... (err, not so much... so many sheep...)
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rainslacker  +   838d ago
New game prices aren't fixed. They are just the currently accepted MSRP for new games. There are quite a few games that come out lower than $59.99. Lego games are $49.99 and I would rank them higher than some of their $60 AAA counter-parts. Angry birds Trilogy was $39.99, Bejeweled was only $9.99 on release. Other lesser known titles come in at $39.99-49.99.

Price fixing is when companies that all offer similar competing products collude to set a price on their products/services to force the consumer to pay a minimum price. It's a way of controlling supply and demand, and it is illegal in the US. However it happens all the time. Somehow big oil companies get away with it, but it is the US.

An example of price fixing recently would be that thing with the banks a couple months ago. The big players made a call each day to set prices on interest rates and loan costs. They would artificially inflate or deflate the value based on their needs for the day. Sorry can't remember what the press called the scandal.

Some of the pricing scheme comes down to that publishers believe(so they say) that pricing a game lower makes the consumer believe it's a lesser game, so they are more likely to overlook it. The more likely scenario is, they want to sell as many as possible at a higher price before putting it down to a more reasonable price that it's probably worth. Kind of like Epic Mickey 2 just did by dropping the price by $10.

The $60 price could also be is that is the current point that publishers believe they can set their price and still get sales from it. They don't believe they can sell it for more, so it is simply the capped price given current market conditions...thus they will sell it for as much as possible.
aquamala  +   839d ago
It's $3 on steam sales, and it's HD on PC, and the game is so old a laptop can run it in HD. Why are people paying $15 on psn, it looks just like the ps2 version

You could get the entire GTA collection (that's from GTA 1 to GTA 4:episodes) for $12.49 on a steam summer/winter sale
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showtimefolks  +   838d ago
Charge full $60 but give is a HD collection complete GTA

The. 3 games on ps2
2 games on psp

One package full price I can only speak for myself but I would buy it
shadowraiden  +   838d ago
and yet you could buy the whole collection on pc for that price and even cheaper when its on sale.
and a computer 5 years old could run san andrea's so its a rip off and console gamers are idiots for buying it at that price, only reason they do this is because people still buy it if nobody brought it they wouldnt put it so high.
Amsterdamsters  +   838d ago
....or you can buy a real copy of it with manual and case on eBay for less than $10 shipped.
LOL_WUT  +   839d ago
15 dollars? I'll pass
ALLWRONG  +   838d ago
You could buy this for $1.99 and play it on 360 because it's BC.
Snookies12  +   839d ago
Yeah that's a bit much... Besides, I've got the San Andreas mod for GTA 4 on PC. So.... It's like an updated better version of the game right there lol.
TrendyGamers  +   839d ago
Hopefully we don't see any more PS2 Classics at $15.
ftwrthtx  +   839d ago
That's a little too pricey
LOGICWINS  +   839d ago
Your better off using that $15 towards GTAV. $15 for a PS2 classic is ridiculous, regardless of how good the game is.
thebudgetgamer  +   839d ago
I'm cool with it.
youndamie  +   839d ago
Yea and your thebudgetgamer lol and you agree $15 is not that bad for one of the best gaming experiences of the last gen.
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LOGICWINS  +   839d ago
"I'm cool with it."

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why this gen is notorious for overpriced DLC, season passes, online passes, and warrantless price hikes. Most people are "cool" with publishers no longer being humble and trying to squeeze every dime they can out of us.

If it were not for Sony introducing PS Plus, I would have lost all faith in publishers.
BoNeSaW23  +   839d ago
Too true!
PS plus has really been the ONLY service worth the price tag this Gen.
Veneno  +   839d ago
How can $15 be a rip when it is comsistent with other digital dowload
youndamie  +   839d ago
Why are you bringing up DLC, season passes, online passes, and price hikes? We are talking about one game GTA:SA it is a great game and worth at least $15. So what if its $5 more Rockstar is not "trying to squeeze every dime they can out of us".
BTW love PS+
LOGICWINS  +   839d ago
"So what if its $5 more Rockstar is not "trying to squeeze every dime they can out of us".

I thought the same...until I saw Max Payne 3 season passes conveniently displayed next to copies of Max Payne 3 at Bestbuy.

For the amount of content that San Andreas offers, I would say its worth the $15. However, Rockstar should be humble and charge the same price as any other PS2 classic. Halo 4, for example, has more content than probably any other fall console release when you factor in the multiplayer and free downloadable extra missions. Still, the launch price remains the same as any other 360 game..$60.
NonApplicable  +   839d ago
If your not "cool with it" then vote with your wallet. Obviously enough people are fine with the value propositions. Otherwise, none of the things you mentioned would exist today. You are in the minority(majority rules). Accept it and move on with your life.
MysticStrummer  +   839d ago
And THAT ladies and gentlemen is where the phrase "what the market will bear" comes from.

Stop crying.
thebudgetgamer  +   838d ago
Don't buy it, vote with you wallet.
Riderz1337  +   839d ago
Yeah, I like San Andreas but 15$ for such an old game is not worth it.
ab5olut10n  +   839d ago
It's $20 at the Walmart closest to me.
dbjj12088  +   839d ago
So this is a deal comparatively!
Yodagamer  +   838d ago
20 for me and that includes the whole PS2 trilogy, minus the PSP games.
ab5olut10n  +   838d ago
i think i'm getting disagrees from the last of us fangirls because i said i was worried it would be too linear like the uncharted series was for me. having said that, yes, you can buy the trilogy at walmart for $20. san andreas is also in the ps2 "bin" with a $20 price tag. so keep disagreeing, doesn't change facts.
SaffronCurse  +   839d ago
Old news,

1,200 Msp on xbox live.

TheDivine  +   839d ago
Or you can play your old disk on the 360 for free. If you dont have it still its under 5 dollars everywhere. Disk>DD. It shouldve been remastered with trophys/achievements for 15 and why isnt there a vita version?
whitesoxfalife1976  +   839d ago
u shud post it again WE XBOX LIVE Players didnt cry about paying for it some years ago but our ps3cusins is why is that?
1nsaint  +   839d ago
my guess is they are either greedy, or a bunch of kids for who 5 dollars is like a month of allowance xD

not really a big suprise though that they are complaining about a 5$ price difference xD. ps3 gamers are complaining all the time about xbox live being a paid service.. which is like 3.50 a month..

suit themselves, gta:sa is one of the only ps2 title that is actually a good game.

have fun with your lame 10$ titles xD
Yodagamer  +   838d ago
Let's not forget the 360 is the Xbox version (that had better graphics) with 4x anti aliasing that the 360 adds to Xbox emulation
Bowzabub  +   839d ago
I feel it should have been $10. That being said; I bought it.
knifefight  +   839d ago
And this is the only thing that will matter in future pricing of these titles: how many people BUY them at that price, not how many people are upset about it.
In the future?
Supply and demand were determined to set prices by Adam Smith (1723-1790), if not sooner.
knifefight  +   838d ago
This is not a discussion about supply and demand.
Deku-Johnny  +   839d ago
A whole $5 more than other PS2 games. Wow, that's totally outrageous, how dare they charge that perfectly fair price for such a great game?!!!!1
LOGICWINS  +   839d ago
Because it sets a precedent for future "great" PS2 games. Would you rather spend $10 for a great game or $15?

Consumers in general are retarded. They don't realize how much power they have. Apple has been known to mark up their products by 50% and idiots buy it, not realizing that if they all boycotted, Apple would IMMEDIATELY drop their outrageous prices.

All price hikes begin small and eventually snowball into obscene amounts. You strike me as one of those people who would be okay with paying $70 for 720/PS4 games. "Bu bu bu, its ONLY $10 more. What's the big deal?"

If we don't take a stand now, our wallets will forever be raped.
BanBrother  +   839d ago

I'll say it again. Remember when they locked the online portion of games? You do? Oh, okay.

Remember how some "paranoid idiots" said it would eventually lead to locked single player content? Yes, yes you do.

What Logic says is correct. You give them the slightest bit of bargaining power and we are left with none. It's not about what is acceptable and what isn't, it is about what saves us the most money, as consumers.
MysticStrummer  +   839d ago
You're both wrong.

"If we don't take a stand now, our wallets will forever be raped."

Stop with the drama. No one took your wallet by force and stole your money. If you bought things and felt like you overpaid, that's entirely on you. Calling it rape is beyond ridiculous.

"It's not about what is acceptable and what isn't,"

It's not about what is acceptable to you. It's about what is acceptable to the market, which means all the people who might potentially buy the game. It's never about saving money for the consumers.
1nsaint  +   839d ago
there aren't any other great ps2 games XD
Bowzabub  +   839d ago
Trust me I'd have bought it if it was $20. I just feel they made their share last time. Unfortunately I lent my ps2 copy out &never got it back. :(
NonApplicable  +   839d ago
To put in perspective, $5 is 1/3 of the total charge. Imagine if retail games followed suit. Suddenly an extra $20 on every purchase seems more concerning. Like LOGICWINS said, it all adds up in the end.
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dna24  +   839d ago
20 or 30 bux gets you gta 3, vice city, and San Andreas at wal mart. But you need a ps2 or original ps3 in order o play them.

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Slayer_xXx  +   839d ago
Amazing how it's a classic gm like GTA priced at $14.99 it's an issue..guilty gear is priced d same & nobody comments on that lol.

Seriously tho dey shud all be d standard $9.99 doesn't matter if a gm is considered a classic or nt dey are old gms
WeAreLegion  +   839d ago
Nobody's buying Guilty Gear.
Veneno  +   839d ago
Ibought guilty gear 2 original xbox digital download for 15 on xbox live marketplace and didnt complain and cry to Microsoft. I simply enjoyed the game I bought.

Why dont you yallever complain about xboxlive? That is unquestionably the worst deal in videogames ever yet it is what defines digital dowload content today.

Tetsujin  +   839d ago
@ Veneno

I agree 100%; for some (not everyone so don't twist it) it's ok to hate on anything outside what Microsoft does, but illegal to complain or whine about anything related to Xbox/360.

I paid for GTA SA, why? Because I support their decision in bringing it to the digital download as an option to those who either can't find a copy or who would rather play it on current gen. Rockstar didn't "have to" bring it to the PSN; it was on 360 since 2008 and in the article they even stated its the same price whether it's on Live, Steam, or PSN, yet people complain about "price hiking" and "this is why we have DLC."

In fact I'm going on record to say this; a lot of the arguing I've read is nothing more than people "bandwagoning" their arguments about this; most probably don't either care or look at this as an opportunity to play SA, yet some of the responses I've seen were from people who complain just to have something to whine/bitch about; with 0 interest in playing/downloading the game itself.
Enigma_2099  +   839d ago
To all complaining about the price... we paid $60 for this game when it first came out. Why the f*** are you complaining about it now?

Ohhh, is it because it's an old PS2 game... well, I'll do you one better... do you remember how BIG this game is?!?!? And you're complaining about $15? You people paid $10 for an 8-bit Capcom game in 2010, and now you're b******* about paying an extra $5 for one of the best GTA games ever made?

Stop whining... and get off my lawn.
swishersweets20031  +   839d ago
the game was 39.99 when it came out.
ironic a complainer complaining about complainers
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Enigma_2099  +   839d ago
Waited for it to hit the Greatest Hits line, huh? Too scared to buy it when it was first released I take it.

Now take your irony and get off my lawn... and take your friends with you.


Triple A titles in my neck of the woods with tax usually round off to about $65.
YourGreatUncle  +   839d ago
No games cost $60 last gen unless you got the collectors edition.
Prototype   839d ago | Off topic | show
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   839d ago
I've got a 97 f150 for sale. I'll give you a break on the price seeing as how you don't mind paying for what it WAS worth. 18k and its yours. I'll even put the cassette deck back in it to make it classic.

I would pay more for a game like Socom 2 if they were to re-release it with multiplayer. No cheats and fix the glitches.
first1NFANTRY   839d ago | Personal attack | show
WeAreLegion  +   839d ago
It's usually $2.50 on any given Steam sale and it looks much better on PC. If you want it, just wait for a Steam sale. Most PC's can run it just fine.

I'm not paying $14.99 for it. It is still pretty expensive used, however. Even in my store, we sell it for $16.99 on PS2. It retains value, for some reason.
VenalPsychopomp  +   839d ago
Just what I was gonna say. Yeah, it may ostensibly be priced the same elsewhere, but people mostly buy it when it's on sale for a small fraction of that price.

I love GTA: San Andreas but I have to think that Rockstar are only attempting this high price point because the massive hype for GTA V will provide a surge in sales for this previous game.
black911  +   839d ago
I need to buy Okami (HD) first before this. Notice the HD.
Cam977  +   839d ago
They missed out Vice City...?
landog  +   839d ago

steam has it on sale all the time for $2.50, and it looks amazing, can play in widescreen hd at 60 perfect frames;


I'll have to say a big NO!

I would of grabbed it for my ps3 had it been $5, just to have on my ps3, but I'll stick with steam thanks.

GamingManiac  +   839d ago
If they had made it HD with trophies, I would've even payed full game price for it!!! Why doesn't R* like money!??!?!?
TheLastGuardian  +   839d ago
$15 is a small price to ask for the greatest game of all time.
strigoi814  +   839d ago
A bit pricey for an old game..not even remastered in HD..yet im not a fan of GTA so no worries for me
bloodybutcher  +   838d ago
it is pricey for an old ps2 game. and not even really good one imo, i much prefered vc and 4 to this. never even finished sa, got simply bored.
turnerdc  +   839d ago
It's an awesome game but I think the price is a bit high considering that Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City debuted on mobile devices for $4.99 each.
Acquiesc3  +   839d ago
It's a great game, but that price is ridiculous. Standard $10 for a ps2 classic would be a more fair price.
mt  +   839d ago
I have my fat Ps3 and I have all GTA games from PS2 so unless it is remake or HD collection I don't care.
stage88  +   839d ago
Pass. Completely too expensive on all consoles.
AusRogo  +   839d ago
I'd pay $15. But its $23.95 over here.. ill wait for a sale. Just buy mass effect instead if your going to spend that kind of money.
Valenka  +   839d ago
When I got San Andreas from the XBL Marketplace, it was $8.
gpturbo81  +   839d ago
you guys are funny. you have no problem payin $600 for a console, but $14.99 is too much for a game. old or not, pretty funny
stage88  +   839d ago
Yes, 14.99 is too much for a game that came out on PS2 and has no trophy support, HD graphics and the iphone equivalent is considerably less cheaper.
violents  +   839d ago
If you dont like the price don't buy it and shutup. This is a title that has a high demand so the price goes up, regardless of what other ps2 titles are going for. Didn't any of you have to take economics in school. This is exactly what supply and demand is. The general public demands something, the higher the demand the more worth the product in question has, therefore a higher price point. It's pretty elementary honestly, and they are sticking to what everyone else is charging so they aren't just gouging people on psn. Its an awsome game and worth 15 bucks for sure, was one of my fav ps2 games for sure.
Fez  +   839d ago
But the supply is effectively infinite so does that mean it should be free?
violents  +   838d ago
Doesnt really matter because they controll the supply, By quantity a diamond is the most worthless rock on the planet however like one company owns almost 99% of the diamond mines on the planet. They release only 1% of their stock every year to keep the price up. So its kind of like that, even tho the supply is seemingly endless they know people will pay a lot for it so they can charge that much, the same goes for a video game. If people will pay for it at what ever pricepoint they charge, why charge less? Some people wont be happy with it but as long as enough dont mind paying that is all that matters from a business standpoint.
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