Rockstar Comments on the $15 Price Tag of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PSN

When the PlayStation Store updated earlier today, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came to the PS2 Classics section. Priced at $15, it rings in at $5 more than any other PS2 Classic (including GTA III) on the PSN.

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alexcosborn1990d ago

Quality comes at a price I guess.

-Mika-1990d ago

Im basically copy and pasting a comment I wrote in a previous article but take it as a direct reply to yours.

Not at 14.99! I don't like the price they set for this game. I would rather buy the original Mass effect than pay $14.99 for a ps2 game. They're trying to pull a square but unlike SquareEnix. Their games is not worth that premium.

CraigandDayDay1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I'm gonna buy it. I saw it just now on the PS Store. $15 isn't THAT bad, guys. San Andreas was the best (in my opinion) GTA. The next best one is going to be GTA 5. GTA 4 was a huge letdown.

At least they didn't price it at $20. That would've been too far.

animegamingnerd1990d ago

you clearly have never played a rockstar game i am currently playing through san andreas on steam and it is in tie with red dead redemption for my favorite rockstar game this in my top 20 games of all time and also it cost me 15 dollars but i would of gladly pay 60 bucks for it while squaresoft games i would pay 60 dollars for but however i would only play a square enix game if they paid me to for a square enix game

guitarded771989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Here took 2 seconds to find one on eBay with free shipping and a buy it now of $5.50 or best offer.

trenso11989d ago

all you do is complain i have never seen a positive comment from you once, and San Andreas was a great game one of the best GTA's imo, and i would buy it for $15 if i didn't still have a copy of the game and a ps2 to play it on.

BLuKhaos1989d ago

Man $15 for the console versions of SA is a bit too much.
I paid $5 for GTA3,VC and SA on PC a couple of months ago.
That's not just $5 for three games, that's $5 for the best version of those three games.

inveni01989d ago

Vice City was my favorite GTA so far. I tried San Andreas, but the cursing was too much that it became ridiculous. And I don't mind cursing at all. It's not like my objection is based on some form of arbitrary morality. But if that's how people like the characters in GTA:SA talk in real life, then there's a reason I don't hang around people like that. It's obnoxious. I'm not a fan of obnoxious people or games. If GTA:VC was priced at $15, I'd buy.

irepbtown1989d ago

I think it'll probably be £10 here in UK, since $15 is something like £9. Which Isn't too bad, that's about the price of an average DLC now a days.

So thinking of it from that perspective, it's not bad pricing.

PS: Not everyone have their PS2's, Like myself... Hence, unfortunately, we can't buy the PS2 version :(

gman_moose1989d ago

I don't agree that their game isn't premium. If you compare it to the other crap that's on the PS2 classics section for $10, $15 doesn't look so bad. The problem is the other crap that is $10 setting the bar.

That being said, these games are priced how they are because they know that they can get people to buy them at that price. Some feel it's worth it, while some don't. If any game on PS2 is worth the $15 though, it's this one... if Sony ever releases the Square titles as greatest hits on PS store, you can bet they will be $15 too. Possibly even $20.

RumbleFish1989d ago

I bought GTA I, II, III, VC, SA, IV and LCS for 10€ on Steam. That's a good price!

SonyWarrior1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

rockstar > squareenix

Yodagamer1989d ago

Sorry mika square soft and rock star are both over pricing their products even though they are good, I could go out and buy the whole PS2 trilogy for $20. I'd pay for it if they actually remade it (like they eventually will on iOS as history tells us for a 1/3 of the price), but they didn't.

1989d ago
Theangrybogan1989d ago

I don't think we're going to agree on anything mika, GTA SA takes a giant dump on anything square or squareenix have ever done. Rockstar consistantly release quality titles, the same cannot be said for SquareEnix. Your comments are always such nonsense I can't tell if you're trolling or not, if u are trolling, you're really good at it.

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Merrill1990d ago

I would agree if the quality(game) was in HD and with Trophies. $14.99 is an arrogant and insulting price tag for a ps2 classic that they haven't even remastered.

What an EA/Activision move on Rockstars part.

wishingW3L1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

and what do you say about the PS1 FF games? They are the most expensive PS1 classics just because they are Final Fantasy. Meanwhile Persona 3, one of the best Jrpg that Japan has a ever produced is only 5 bucks on the PS Store. -__-

Kamikaze1351989d ago

If you want it in HD get it on PC.

1nsaint1989d ago

OMG! 5$ more then you expected!!
are you poor or just really greedy?

dbjj120881990d ago

Agreed. It's worth $15 imo.

Veneno1989d ago

@ Guitarded

Are you saying that poeple should stop whining about price and find the best deal they can or are you saying Rockstar is pricing SA too high?

I think the price fits the game. I hate GTA4 and wouldnt pay 15 for that garbage, but I whole heartedly believe that San Andreas is a real gaming classic that nobody should miss. It is Rockstars best game. Bully a close second.

And its totally fair to price it at 15. Its the same price digitally at other major locations.

ReservoirDog3161989d ago

Except all PS2 PSN games are all $10. Just opens up others to do the same thing. In other words:

MastaPiff1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Is it worth $15 dollars? No doubt about it.
Will I pay $15 dollars for it. Not a f#¢kin' chance.

Every dev. will tell you they need that extra $, but R* gets my $ on every GTA game & any DLC that accompanies it. I still have all my PS2 games (the good ones anyways, including all GTA's) but I wouldn't give R* an extra $5 just because they made a good game.

New game prices are fixed (I thought price fixing is illegal in U.S., I always wondered how the video game industry gets away with this...) so for R* to tax an exta $5 is kinda dirty, besides us fans give R* so much, when do they ever give back??? (No case in saying they make great games, everyone (dev's) is supposed to.)

I wish I could just light my money on fire on the R* altar... (err, not so much... so many sheep...)

rainslacker1989d ago

New game prices aren't fixed. They are just the currently accepted MSRP for new games. There are quite a few games that come out lower than $59.99. Lego games are $49.99 and I would rank them higher than some of their $60 AAA counter-parts. Angry birds Trilogy was $39.99, Bejeweled was only $9.99 on release. Other lesser known titles come in at $39.99-49.99.

Price fixing is when companies that all offer similar competing products collude to set a price on their products/services to force the consumer to pay a minimum price. It's a way of controlling supply and demand, and it is illegal in the US. However it happens all the time. Somehow big oil companies get away with it, but it is the US.

An example of price fixing recently would be that thing with the banks a couple months ago. The big players made a call each day to set prices on interest rates and loan costs. They would artificially inflate or deflate the value based on their needs for the day. Sorry can't remember what the press called the scandal.

Some of the pricing scheme comes down to that publishers believe(so they say) that pricing a game lower makes the consumer believe it's a lesser game, so they are more likely to overlook it. The more likely scenario is, they want to sell as many as possible at a higher price before putting it down to a more reasonable price that it's probably worth. Kind of like Epic Mickey 2 just did by dropping the price by $10.

The $60 price could also be is that is the current point that publishers believe they can set their price and still get sales from it. They don't believe they can sell it for more, so it is simply the capped price given current market conditions...thus they will sell it for as much as possible.

aquamala1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It's $3 on steam sales, and it's HD on PC, and the game is so old a laptop can run it in HD. Why are people paying $15 on psn, it looks just like the ps2 version

You could get the entire GTA collection (that's from GTA 1 to GTA 4:episodes) for $12.49 on a steam summer/winter sale

showtimefolks1989d ago

Charge full $60 but give is a HD collection complete GTA

The. 3 games on ps2
2 games on psp

One package full price I can only speak for myself but I would buy it

shadowraiden1989d ago

and yet you could buy the whole collection on pc for that price and even cheaper when its on sale.
and a computer 5 years old could run san andrea's so its a rip off and console gamers are idiots for buying it at that price, only reason they do this is because people still buy it if nobody brought it they wouldnt put it so high.

Amsterdamsters1989d ago

....or you can buy a real copy of it with manual and case on eBay for less than $10 shipped.

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ALLWRONG1989d ago

You could buy this for $1.99 and play it on 360 because it's BC.

Snookies121990d ago

Yeah that's a bit much... Besides, I've got the San Andreas mod for GTA 4 on PC. So.... It's like an updated better version of the game right there lol.

TrendyGamers1990d ago

Hopefully we don't see any more PS2 Classics at $15.

ftwrthtx1990d ago

That's a little too pricey