Blu-ray Wins: Will Sony's PS3 Follow Suit? asks: "After the victory of Blu-ray format over HD DVD, will the PlayStation 3 follow suit? Is it possible that, although the PlayStation 3 has started more slowly than the other consoles, that it will pick up momentum, and ultimately win the console wars? How will the PlayStation 3 fair in comparison to the Wii and Xbox 360 in the next two years?"

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InYourMom3683d ago

certainly will help the PS3. The gamble for them has payed off.

But will it give it the win? No. If the PS3 wins it will be a combination of things. If that victory comes 2-4 years from now is anyone going to care? I hope to be on to a new system by then.

kornbeaner3683d ago

In 2-4 years the PS3 will either be 3-5 years old, the PS2 now is already in its 8th year. So yeah people will care, consumers wanting a cheap game/movie platform, just like the PS2, will want a PS3. And developers looking to make a game without the high budget will love to have a powerful system to make a great game without having to spend $50mil + on a game for a new system. For 2 console generations Sony has had two machines overlapping each other's lifespan and so far it has paid off in some way. The money they tend to lose on the newer system always seems to be made up by their older system and games for that older system. PS1 helped PS2 and now PS2 is helping the PS3.

Even though you will be ready for a new system realize that you are in the minority on people who actually move into a new system the year it launches.

meepmoopmeep3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

lmfao, oh how MS LOVES fools like you.
as a matter of fact, you WILL be on a new system by then. 2 or 3 actually when they send you those refurbs


gamesblow3683d ago


That's awesome, meep.

On topic, though. Sony won the format war and with that victory the console war. They're the cheapest blu-ray player on the market now and more than that. Cheapest set top box.

February's sales are going to be at an all time high... More so after 3 big announcements from Sony coming up.

One of the things that got everyone taling in Home beta is this... Being able to meet up in the Home's theater and watch movies as a group. Trailers as a group.

This makes xbox live's "live" atmosphere seem very weak. When a movie hits and you want to pay for it on your PSN without going to the theater "in the event you're unsociable" then it's a win win for Sony.

Casuals and families are going to love this option. PSN/HOME is going to only further Sony's success in both the digital downloads industry and the Blu-ray industry.

Wait and see... if you're not in the home beta you simply don't know.

InYourMom3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Ugh. Tell your little upgrade issue to those who do PC gaming. It's all about staying current to play the latest games. If the 360 lasts 5-6 years I will have easily got my monies worth. If MS makes a new system that has new tech, better games and more features then I am all for it. I am not the kind of person who wants to sit on the same piece of tech for 10 years and not get something better, technology doesn't work like that. You sound like the same people who still say "My tube television does TV just fine, Magnavox has a 75 year life cycle". Sony did some forward thinking, but not that forward so don't fool yourself.

Even if MS launches a new console do you think they will drop the 360? The reason the Xbox1 went away was because of patent problems with Nvidia. They don't have the problem this time.

Please don't try that old RROD argument with me, I've never had a problem with my 360 and I've had a few friends that had it and I fixed it myself for them, so no worries there sheep I mean Meep.

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skagrerrrr3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

sorry but this generation is a 3 console generation

Lifendz3683d ago

What does that mean? Do you realize that a lot of people's first DVD player was their PS2? I was one of those people btw. Now I won't say that a PS3 win is now a lock, but this certainly does help. In fact, plenty of sites have already said that the PS3 is the best bet for a blu-ray player because it's upgradeable.

Alcaponeyou3683d ago

the "winner" this generation will be the PS3, wii and 360 can fight for second place.
who ever disagrees with me is a douchebag.

gEnKiE3683d ago

lol...i love how everyone is saying this is a 3 console generation now....

Alcaponeyou3683d ago

douches that disagreed, who are ya?

mikeslemonade3683d ago

All I know is 360 in terms of intall base will be in 3rd place by the end of this generation. We can't deny Wii's demand still has not been met yet.

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Mattearl3683d ago

"Is it possible that, although the PlayStation 3 has started more slowly than the other consoles"

Did an article earlier state that the PS3 has sold more consoles in the given time frame than anyother console!?

Who knows??!!

shine13963683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

but the fastest selling console is the wii by a mile, followed close by the ds it seems...the ps3 is faster then the 360 and on par with the ps2 though...if that helps at all...

vhero3683d ago

bang on the dot yet another person who has no idea what hes talking about and seriously this isnt news its an opinion by a nobody why did this get approved?

Blink3683d ago

Of course the ps3 will win. In 2-4 years the ps3 will not be obsolete. microsoft will rush again to get their next system out and screw it up once again

InYourMom3683d ago

MS would make this mistake again? After all the PR nightmares and billion dollar warranty extension??

They might screw something else up, but I think the hardware will be rock solid.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3683d ago

I really think PLAYSTATION Home will save the PlayStation 3 because they're building communities. Think about this for a second Sims is the most selling PC game and this will most likely appeal to a lot of gamers young and old. Plus everything is free there's no addtional charges being made unless you choose to.

My sister plays Sims and she really likes the whole idea behind Home. I almost think it'll sell like like how the Nintendo Wii did when it was first launched. I'll have to wait and see if that does happen but I wouldn't be surprised. I didn't even talk about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots...


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