Battlefield 3 Crossbow (XBow) Weapon Guide and Stats – Everything You Need to Know

MP1st - The Crossbow makes its debut in Battlefield 3: Aftermath, a heavily modified assault rifle that can be equipped with up to four different bolt types. But, how does it work?

We dug up some interesting statistics regarding the Xbow which you may not have been aware of. Thanks to the help of YouTuber rivaLxfactor, we might learn how to become effective killing machines with this unique weapon yet.

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Abdou231957d ago

Explosive Bolts are very disappointing, it's even weaker than M320.

swishersweets200311957d ago

i think they both(bolt and m320) need better splash damage against infantry..

ZoyosJD1957d ago

i would consider that to be the case for rockets as well. cant get a kill with the rpg or smaw without a direct hit. maybe i should play more harecore matches...