What I Want To See In WWE ’14

iGG: If you’re a fan of WWE programming, you’ve probably enjoyed THQ’s recent entries to video game franchise. Some feel that WWE ’13 is so awesome that there’s no way THQ can top themselves next year. I say they’re wrong.

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rbailey1954d ago

I Agree 100% with bringing back GM Mode. They should have never took that out in the first place.

iXenon1954d ago

My thoughts exactly. I didn't enjoy anything between SvR 2008 and WWE '12 because there wasn't much else to do after story mode.

rbailey1954d ago

Thats exactly how THQ operates when it comes to these games. They always have one feature in one year, then gone the next.

I'm glad that WWE 12 is doing well saleswise, but I secretly hoped EA would buy this franchise like they did UFC.

Maybe this will happen in another lifetime lol

1954d ago
showtimefolks1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

i never liked the universe mode, i really did like the GM mode though


i hope one day we get smackdown here comes the pain,shut your mouth,day of reckoning 1-2 ion HD collection also no mercy along with wrestlemania 2000

some of the best wrestling games were last gen

iXenon1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I only play Universe Mode when my CAW has a title match. I constantly hit square for everything else.

Frozensilence1954d ago

Dont ever see that happening dude day of reckoning & the smackdown games possible but no mercy & wrestlemania 2000 not possible

Frozensilence1954d ago

I agree 100% with the Gm mode being back they should have never taken it out just like backstage roaming they shouldent never have taken that out ethier so many things they took & they could have made alot better then wetn backwards on

Scholla1954d ago

Imma about to do one too I have a lot to say.

iXenon1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I forgot to add a better Create-A-Championship feature. It was in some of the earlier SvR games and you could actually make your strap unique with the money you earned in career mode. In WWE '13, you grab an already established championship (like the US title or WWE title) and are given the ability to re-color it. No symbols, not letters, no diamonds. Nothing.

That was BS feature.

TheUndertaker851954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Don't know why people are bothering with this unless they're really already that bored with WWE '13.

Besides. '14 will be like '13 which is like '12. We do know that too since THQ has said numerous times they've been working on '14 and '15 since even before '13 went gold. '13 was already being done before '12 even went gold.

You want to suggest things for new WWE games? Start suggesting for '16 and hope THQ isn't already doing that too or hope another company takes the WWE games from THQ.

FarCryLover1821954d ago

Dismemberment would be cool.

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