Does a sports title ever have a chance to win ‘Game of the Year’?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:
Spike VGA 10 just passed and year after year Us gamers love to see the top games get honored, especially for ‘Game of the Year’. But if you noticed; what’s glaringly missing from this particular category are sports titles which had me thinking…”Does a sport title ever have a chance to win ‘Game of the Year?” Hmmmm….

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Hufandpuf1989d ago

Fight Night Champion was probably the best sports game ever created, but it didn't get a lot of recognition.

DERKADER1989d ago

No with a but.
Yes with an if.

1989d ago
doctorstrange1989d ago

Madden NFL 2004 won the very first VGA GOTY...

guitarded771989d ago

Would a racing game be considered a sports game? I guess not, they have their own genre.

Agent_00_Revan1989d ago

And after they announced that 5 mins into the show, I turned it off and never watched another VGA. That was a horrible call.

MaxXAttaxX1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Not if they keep releasing the same thing every year.
Updated rosters and menus aren't GOTY material.

MariaHelFutura1988d ago

That`s crazy, I didn't know that. NFK2K5 should have won some GOTYs.

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rbailey1989d ago

I also enjoyed that game alot mainly because they put together an entertaining narrative campaign. I also like the fact that they kept the experience mature rated rather then dull it down to appeal to kids. Indeed one of the finest games in the Fight Night Series imo.

Anon19741989d ago

Fifa 12 was nominated for all kinds of Game of the Year awards last year and managed to be one of the only 11 games that hit a metacritic score of 90 or better in 2012. Aside from Canada's game of the year (being Canadian made), I don't think it won any other GOTY awards though.

CoTton_MoUtH1988d ago

yea right lol!!!! EA SPORTS trashed that game

PurpHerbison1988d ago

When they say, Game of the year... Game of the year to who? How many "real" gamers actually even watch those shows let alone even care about the outcome?

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Kur01989d ago

Won't happen unless it's completely revolutionary and life-like. Even then I still don't really see it happening. Fighting games, Racing games, and Sports games are the least likely genres to win.

cogniveritas1988d ago

I think THQ did a pretty good job with UFC Undisputed 3. I'd like to see a company like Crytek try an MMA or Street fighting game but with revoutionary graphics and a completely made up but believable cast of characters. And be sure to included a create a fighter mode.

HammadTheBeast1988d ago

I wouldn't say life-like. If a company could make a game that isn't based on an "Earth" sport we could make something happen. Quidditch type, or some other random sport from another movie, book or just made up.

rbailey1989d ago

Interesting article but I must agree that no sports game will ever be a game of the year contender. Developers can only push sports games so far when they have a general formula to work with. Sure updating player rosters and changing certain gameplay mechanics are great, but in the end that game will still feel like the same game that came out a year ago.

I'll also add that there are far more interesting genres to tackle and thus at the end of the day both consumers and the industry as a whole will always give those awards to the the AAA and/or Indie game developers instead.

GraveLord1989d ago

Yes. Call of Duty has won it a few times.

Zha1tan1989d ago

No, there just is not enough variety within sports games.

charted1989d ago

And there is a lot of variety with the FPS genre? 90% of them are military shooters!!

spicelicka1989d ago

and when was the last time a military FPS won GOTY? maybe once in the last 5 years.

animegamingnerd1988d ago

yes butter is at least variety in the FPS genre with titles like deus ex and borderlands

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