IGN AU: Unreal Tournament III - Another lukewarm PS3 port, or FPS perfection?

Cam Shea of IGN AU writes: As much as I love PC gaming, the days in which I would eschew the console version of a shooter in favour of its PC brethren have now officially passed. Sure, I may be able to run UT III in a higher resolution and with more graphical frippery on my PC, but the fact that I can now plug a mouse and keyboard into my PS3, hop straight into an online game and soak it all up on an eye-bleedingly huge screen means that the times they are a changing.

In other words, UT III holds up admirably on console. And as fans of the series would expect, it's an embarrassment of choice. This game is packed to the gills with modes, maps, mutators and options. It's also very newbie friendly, as its robust multiplayer functionality is paired nicely with an excellent offline component.

While UT III doesn't reinvent the wheel, it's a fantastically entertaining game nonetheless, and well worth a look for veterans and newbies alike. Its larger than life sci-fi world and speedy, explosive gameplay really work on console and the whole thing runs like a dream. A great PS3 port, and a ready demonstration of what the system can do in the right hands.

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IzKyD13313656d ago

UT 3 has really flown under the radar, its an amazing game that was just overshadowed by other great games, a PS3 gamer has a choice between either UT 3 and COD4, most would go with the obvious choice and pick COD4 but picking UT 3 over COD4 isnt a bad descision at all

Scions Wrath3656d ago

This hasn't been released yet in the eu it's out on the 22nd of feb
Will be awesome.

Scenarist3656d ago

This review is 99.99% accurate ...I must say that I had bought this for the PC first and then bought this for the PS3 just cuz my pc couldnt do the graphics at max settings at HIGH resolution so @ 1080 i wanted to marvel at the graphics opn the ps3

well i plugged my mouse and keyboard in and bam I was loving it except for one thing... there is mouse lag in the movement on the ps3 version but its only off by a few milliseconds tops ...coming from a hardcore PC gamer and very experienced with FPS ...I felt the differnce immediately and its puzzling me that no one has mentioned this or can notice this and i literally played them side by side...

Still for me FPS will always be PC priority,,,now if i can just afford one of those top of the line graphics cards and i will this christmas

gameraxis3656d ago

That Maybe just Maybe, being a port from pc and not as "shiny" as the pc version ( accepted both are true) the levels in unreal 3 are almost too detailed and takes away from the graphics?? I mean every little spec on the walls floors guns and characters pops out to catch my attention contributing to a slew of what looks like pixel junk, but then looked at up close is a very detailed very attractive surface or "texture". Just speculating, all in all i love the game just wish it were a bit smoother looking. It may also be my TV though i doubt it. I have a samsung 40 inch lcD with hdmi and a bunch of HDMI BLack options and dNIe stuff. anyone who knows good pic settings please lend some info.

gameraxis3656d ago

But i'm a firm believer that when made ground up for a specific console (ps3)Or (xbox) given they are both verry powerful, A shooter can have more physics, better graphics than we've seen, and seamless gameplay just as good as or even beyond that of a "high end PC". The reason i say this now bare with me is that each system pc included has their own things going for them, so once 95 percent of the ps3 can be BOTH harnessed and SMARTLY i repeat SMARTLY developed for that shooter will be at LEAST up to par with that of a pc shooter. I guess what i'm saying is that had CRYSIS been develloped for the ps3 and all resources were put into the ps3, the same game COULD have been made for the ps3, By the way i love both and play both just giving my opinion thanks!!

Scenarist3655d ago

i agree , build it from the ground up on a ps3 and bam should be perfect. I do believe that keyboard and mouse support on consoles is going to change the face of gaming...factor that in with pc's piracy underground and developers will begin shipping ports to pc instead of ports to console

and as far as high end pc's many people really can play crysis or UT3 for that matter higher than a 1920x1080 resolution
(ps3 max) with all the settings maxed out? especially crysis or farcry lucky i can play at 1024X768 with most settings maxed right now

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